Logging in to your Bristol Pound account

Here's Hannah to guide you through logging in to your online account.

Opening an Account

Once you have opened your Bristol Pound account with Bristol Credit Union you will receive an activation email - containing your Bristol Pound username.

Sometimes your email system may not like our activation email - so do check your spam folder if you haven't received it within a few hours of receiving your welcome email from Bristol Credit Union. Click on the link in the email which will take you to the Bristol Pound online banking site: https://bristolpound.org/login

In the bottom right of the login page click the link 'Click here to create or reset your login password', enter your username into the popup and click 'Submit'. You will receive an email from us with a link to rest your password. Click the link, enter a memorable password and click 'Submit'.

You can now login to your account! If you've forgotten your password, follow points 2 and 3 above.

Set your PIN

Once you've logged into your account there will be a dialogue box telling you to set your PIN. This PIN is used for logging in to your app.

Once you've logged into your account you can:

  • Click 'Banking' to view your account activities, make online payments and set up recurring payments.
  • Click 'Member Payment' to find and pay businesses, and to manage your regular contacts.
  • Click 'My Profile' to manage your account details, change your password and PIN, find your BCU number, add a profile image and change your notification settings

Topping up your Bristol Pound account

A vital step in making Bristol Pounds part of your day to day life is keeping your account topped up.

One the simplest ways to get Bristol Pounds is creating a regular payment from your bank account using their online banking system. Set it up to go out on or just after payday. Here's a handy video of Hannah showing you how.


PLEASE NOTE: The BCU account details have recently changed and are now different to those that Hannah uses in the video below. Please use:

Account number: 63313868

Sort code: 30 94 80

You can top up your account in 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Standing order, online transfers and One-off Transfers from your regular bank account
  2. Get your wages paid into your Bristol Pound account
  3. Deposit cash or cheques at the Bristol Credit Union
Topping up from your bank account

Set up a standing order or one-off Transfer from your sterling bank account to top up your Bristol Pound account using the following details:

  • Account name: Bristol Credit Union
  • Account number: 63313868
  • Sort code: 30-94-80
  • Reference: *****BP (Your personal BCU Member Number +BP, e.g. "56789BP")

Find your BP reference number under 'my profile' on your online banking

All BCU accounts have the same account name, sort code and account number. Your personal reference number pulls your funds into your Bristol Pound account, so don't forget to include it in the reference of your transfer.

Alternatively, complete a standing order mandate and send it by post to the Bristol Credit Union

Please note that the BCU transfers funds twice a day at 11:30am and 3:30pm, Monday to Friday. Deposits made after 3.30pm will not be in your Bristol Pound account until 11.30am the following working day.

Topping up from your wages

Anyone can be paid in Bristol Pounds! Ask your employer to have part or all of your salary paid electronically into your online Bristol Pound account. They can join the payroll scheme, or you can ask them to put part of your wages directly into your Bristol Pound account. If your employer is already a Bristol Pound member you can complete a payroll mandate and sent it to the Bristol Credit Union.

Employees (getting paid in Bristol Pounds)

Getting paid in £Bs couldn't be easier. Simply open your £B account, make the request to your employer, then take advantage of this great way to keep your account topped up and ready to use! And you can specify the exact your amount of £Bs you'd like to receive as part of your wage.

  1. Set up your £B account with the Bristol Credit Union
  2. Fill in the Payroll Mandate Form stating how much of your salary you would like to receive into your £B account and submit it to your employer's payroll department.
  3. Spend with independent and local businesses confident your £B balance is healthy! 

“It’s great that work agreed to pay some of my salary directly into my Bristol Pound account every month. Not only is it convenient for me, and means I always have enough money in my account, but I also feel good about working for an employer who will support my choice to use the Bristol Pound, and support my city.”
Helen, Soil Association

Employers (paying staff in Bristol Pounds)

Paying staff in Bristol Pounds is a really simple way to commit

Option 1: Simply send the requested part of your employees salary electronically to their £B account, held by the Bristol Credit Union (bank details above), using their unique reference number.

Option 2: If you are a big employer, get in touch with the BCU and sign up as a ‘Payroll Partner’

 “Achieving Sustrans vision depends on our being able to access what we need on foot, by bike or by public transport, which means having thriving local economies ensuring that we can get to an interesting variety of goods and services. Local currencies provide a crucial part of the jigsaw in making this all happen, and so we’re delighted to offer Bristol staff the opportunity to be paid in Bristol Pounds.”
Peter Lipman, External Affairs Director, Sustrans

Online Payments with Bristol Pounds

Your Bristol Pound account has a lot of functionality.

Here's a handy video showing you how to make a one-off payment, and a walk-through for setting up a regular payment - in this case, setting up council tax payments for the year. Over to Hannah.

Making a one-off payment

Making a one off payment to another Bristol Pound member is pretty simple. Here's a 5 step run through:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to the banking tab and choose 'Member Payment'
  3. Put in the business name or username
  4. Enter the amount
  5. Click submit, then confirm.
Setting up a Recurring £B Payment

You can use your online Bristol Pound account to set up regular payments to Bristol Pound members (personal and business members), just like a standing order. Here's how to set up regular £B payments, how to view your regular payments and how to cancel your regular payments once they're no longer needed.

  1. Login to your Bristol Pound account and go to the Banking
  2. Select Member Payment from the menu on the right hand side.
  3. Select the Business Member, Contact or type the Login name of the member who you want to pay
  4. In the Scheduling dropdown field select Recurring payments. The screen then presents the options shown below. Complete the following fields:
  5. Amount: This is the regular amount you wish to pay to the Member
    1. First occurrence: Date you wish the first payment to be made. The default is the current date
    2. Process until: This is the number of regular payments you wish to make to the Member, if you select “Being manually canceled” they will go on indefinitely.
    3. Process every: Select how regularly you would like the payments to be made, monthly, weekly or daily.
    4. Description: Notes you wish to go on the transactions
  6. Click Submit, you will be presented with a confirmation screen.
  7. Check the details and if correct click Confirm.

This sets up the recurring payment. If the date of the first payment is the current date this payment will be made immediately. The full schedule is then displayed, an example of which is displayed below.

Viewing Scheduled £B Payments

You can review recurring payments you have set up at any time. Simply select Recurring Payments from the Banking menu. This will present a searchable list of all your recurring payments. Clicking on each payment will present a detailed screen.

Cancelling £B Payments

All future recurring payments to a Member can be cancelled by clicking the Cancel button on the recurring payment details screen. You will be asked to confirm that you want to cancel the payment.

Paying by App

Paying by app is the best way to spend digital Bristol Pounds.

To get set up, just download the app from your app store and follow the on screen instructions.

The app is available on ios and Android.

If you would like any help downloading or getting the app set up, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone on 0117 929 8642 or email on info@bristolpound.org

Watch the video below to see a demo of the app in action.

Paying by Text

Paying by text is no longer the primary payment channel and we would encourage you to use the mobile app for all payments.

If you are unable to use the mobile app for any reason (lack of smartphone, Windows phone, etc.) then Text2Pay is the "back-up" option.

To use Text2Pay you don't need a smartphone, a mobile 'phone with SMS will suffice. However, SMS can suffer from intermittent mobile signal, which can be a frustrating, and for this reason we would urge use of the mobile app as your primary form of payment.

Set up paying by Text

To pay by text you must first set a security PIN using your online Bristol Pound account.

Set your PIN

If you haven’t set your pin yet:

  1. Log in to your account in the top right of the home page.
  2. Click on My Profile in the top right of the page.
  3. Click on Change PIN on the left-hand side.
  4. Enter your password and the PIN of your choice.
  5. Confirm your PIN and then Submit.
Making a text payment

Go to the till as usual and ask to pay by text with Bristol Pounds. Then follow the simple three step procedure below

Step 1 Create a new text message containing the following information with a space between each (text is not case sensitive):

  1. ‘Pay’ (your instruction to make a payment)
  2. Your security PIN, e.g. ‘1234’
  3. The username of the business you wish to pay, e.g. ‘BristolBooks’ (you will see this displayed on the till or near it)
  4. The amount (including pence with a stop between the pounds and pence) e.g. 5.95 or 29.68

Your text should look something like this: Pay 1234 BristolBooks 5.95

Step 2 Send the text to the Bristol Pound Payment Number: 07441 900 333 (save this number to your phone for easy access each time you want to pay). Your text is effectively an instruction to BCU to move money from your account to the seller's account.

Step 3 Both buyer and seller will receive texts (usually within 5-10 seconds) to confirm that the payment has been made successfully.

That's it! The payment has been made.

Example of the confirmation text you will receive:

“Bristol Pound: You have made a payment of _B 5.95 to member Bristol Books (BristolBooks) Transaction ID: BTL0000001. Your new account balance is _B xx.xx”


If the PIN or other information is entered incorrectly, or if there are insufficient funds to make the payment in the payer’s account, the payment will not be made. If a text payment fails, the payer will receive an associated notification by text saying why the payment has failed.

The maximum value of text payments is £B500 per day.

SECURITY: We strongly recommend you delete all previous payment texts and ensure you keep your phone keypad locked when not in use.

Individuals can also pay other Individual Members by text using these instructions  Please note that the recipient will pay a 2% fee on the payment received.

If you have an Android or Apple smart phone, download the free Bristol Pound App from Google Play or the Apple Store - it makes paying with your phone much easier!

Loss or theft

If your mobile phone or sim card is lost or stolen, you have an obligation to block your account with your mobile phone network provider and inform Bristol Credit Union by email or via the helpline. You must also block further text payments by logging in to your online account and altering your mobile phone number (e.g. replace the first two digits with 9s) on your ‘My Profile’ page. If your membership card is lost or stolen, you have an obligation to inform Bristol Credit Union by email or via the helpline given overleaf. As a member you undertake to keep all passwords and other information relating to the Bristol Pound private to yourself.

We need to warn you that if you do not follow these loss or theft instructions you shall have no recourse to either Bristol Pound CIC Ltd or Bristol Credit Union in respect of any losses you may suffer as a result.

Contact us with any text payments and online account problems

Mobile App versus Text2Pay

* We understand that Text2pay can be a frustrating experience since it is not a reliable payment channel due to factors outside of our control i.e. intermittent mobile signal, SMS supplier outages, etc.

* We are therefore working on making the systems _within_ our control as robust as possible

* However, we will never be able to solve intermittent mobile signal issues when making purchases with merchants

* Therefore, we recommend that regular users download the mobile app (iOS/Android) and use this as their primary payment channel

* The mobile app requires data connectivity, but this could be mobile data or the local merchant Wifi, thus alleviating the mobile signal problem

* The mobile app can therefore be considered as a direct replacement for Text2Pay

* Users who are *unable* to upgrade to use the mobile app (e.g. Windows phone users, early Android/iOS versions, etc.) have the following options:

** Use the beautifully designed Paper pounds - often a great talking point and can be used at all our member businesses. Paper can be bought with sterling at one of over 20 CashPoint businesses around the city. At 'CashPoint plus’ locations you can also withdraw money from your Bristol Pound account. Search for your nearest cashpoint here

** Use the SMS service with support on a "best efforts" basis. However, we will continually encourage and support our members to upgrade to the mobile app to ensure they benefit from this superior service

* At some point in the future (exact date TBC), we intend to retire Text2Pay entirely due to the ongoing customer frustration

Bristol Pound Cash Points

Get your hands on paper Bristol Pounds at a Bristol Pound 'Cash Point'.

You can exchange your £s for Bristol Pounds - it's always 1 to 1. At a 'Cash Point Plus' account holders can withdraw Bristol Pounds. Here's a short video showing you how to do it:

 £B notes availablePay by Text or AppDeposit £B
Cashpoint PlusYYY
Paper Bristol Pounds

Paper Bristol Pounds are not only beautiful but very secure. Download a Bristol Pound Security Guide - for the third edition (valid from July 2018).

You can buy a souvenir set of Bristol Pounds from our online shop.

Individual members and non-members are not able to redeem printed Bristol Pounds for electronic Bristol Pounds or for sterling.

Paying Tax in Bristol Pounds

When you pay your council tax in Bristol Pounds you’re supporting small, local businesses.

Bristol City Council has committed to respending 100% of the Bristol Pounds they receive with local, independent businesses – supporting local jobs and our city. This keeps more money in Bristol, making our local economy stronger and fairer.

Bristol Pound members can make payments to Bristol City Council in Bristol Pounds: council tax, business rates, BID payments and market rents. This can be done as a one-off payment or as regular scheduled payments, or better still, you schedule the entire year's payment (see the final part of this article).

You’ll need to log in to your account and keep your account topped up .


For a video tutorial on how to make payments to Bristol City Council, please see the 'Online Payments with Bristol Pounds' section above.

How to make a one-off payment to Bristol City Council
  1. Login to your Bristol Pound account
  2. Click on the Banking tab and choose Member Payment from the left-hand menu
  3. In the Business Member field type BCC Online Payments Account

If you are a business member, select whether you are paying business rates, BID payments or Market Rent

  1. Enter the Amount you wish to pay
  2. Set Scheduling to Pay now (not scheduled)
  3. Enter your Account Number
  4. Add a Description if you wish (e.g. Council Tax for October)
  5. Click Submit and Confirm the payment.
How to set up regular payments to Bristol City Council

Set up your council tax payments in advance and relax knowing your bill is being paid every month. You'll be making regular payments without regular effort.

Handy Tip: Council tax bills are split into 10 monthly payments. The amount of the April payment is different to the other 9 equal amounts. The April payment can be made as a single scheduled payment - just follow the steps above but for step 5 choose Single payment in future with the Scheduling date set for April 1st. The following 9 monthly payments can be scheduled together as Recurring payments, as detailed below:

To set-up a scheduled payment:

  1. Login to your Bristol Pound account
  2. Click on the Banking tab and choose Member Payment from the left-hand menu
  3. In the username field type BCC Online Payments Account

If you are a business member, select whether you are paying business rates, BID payments or Market Rent

  1. Enter the Amount you wish to pay for each occurrence.
  2. For Scheduling choose Recurring payments
  3. Set the First occurrence as a Future date and choose the date of the payment (e.g. 1st May 2018)
  4. Set Process until to A fixed number of occurrences and enter how many payments you would like to make
  5. Set Process every to 1 Month to process the payment on the same date each month for the set number of occurrences
  6. Enter your Account Number
  7. Add a Description if you wish (e.g. Council Tax for 2018)
  8. Click Submit. You will be shown the details of the payments you are setting-up. If all the details are correct and you wish to proceed, click Confirm

If it is part way through the payment year, just set up your regular payments for the remainder of the year and amend the number of occurrences to suit.

How to set up council tax payments for the whole year

Here’s the guide to the ultimate hands-free council tax payments.

  1. Login to your Bristol Pound account
  2. Click on the Banking tab and choose Member Payment from the left-hand menu
  3. In the username field type BCC Online Payments Account
  4. Enter the Amount for the entire council tax year (e.g. for 2016/17 band B you would enter 1,338.75)
  5. For Scheduling choose Multiple installments and set the Installment count to 10
  6. Set the First installment as a Future date and choose 1st April of that year
  7. Click Preview and the amount will be broken down into 10 equal payments (with a final slightly larger payment).
  8. Change these amounts to the same as the amounts Bristol City Council has detailed on your bill.
  9. Enter your BCC Council Tax Acct No: your 11 digit account number found in the top left of you bill
  10. Add a Description if you wish (e.g. Council Tax for 2017/18)
  11. Click Submit. You will be shown the details of the payments you are setting-up. If all the details are correct and you wish to proceed, click Confirm.

Once you have set up the installments you can review them by going to the Banking tab and choosing Installments.

Paying Energy Bills in Bristol Pounds

By paying your energy bills in Bristol Pounds, you are tying energy companies back into the community they serve.

You have a choice of two energy companies you can pay in Bristol Pounds: Good Energy and Bristol Energy.

Paying your Good Energy bills with Bristol Pounds!

Support the local economy and renewable energy by paying your Good Energy bills with Bristol Pounds!

Good Energy, a 100% renewable energy company based in the South West, accept payments in Bristol Pounds for electricity and gas.

Why is this good news? By paying your Good Energy bill in Bristol Pounds you limit your carbon footprint and support Bristol's economy at the same time! Good Energy committed to respending the Bristol Pounds in the local economy.

Who are Good Energy? As a UK based company using 100% renewable electricity from British sunshine, wind and rain Good Energy offer a greener alternative to the standard suppliers for homes and businesses. Good Energy also supply gas and support small, independent generators.

They've also been consistently ranked within the top of the table for the ‘Which? energy company customer satisfaction survey’ over the past 4 years. And also been voted top of the last two Money Saving Expert customer service polls for energy suppliers. So their customer service must be brilliant. Last but not least Good Energy are cheaper on average than the 'Big Six' standard tariffs.

Read More

How to switch to Good Energy

Switch today quoting ‘Bristol Pound’ and Good Energy will give you £B25 to spend at your favourite local shops. PLUS Good Energy will give Bristol Pound CIC £B25 too, so you're supporting your currency even more!

Switch online or call Good Energy on 0800 254 0000.

Switch to Good Energy

Paying your Bristol Energy bills with Bristol Pounds!

Bristol Energy is a Bristol-based energy company and accepts payments in Bristol Pounds for electricity and gas.

Bristol is the first city to have its own currency and its own energy company. Now the two have come together to encourage more people in the city to keep their money local.

Bristol Energy is a gas and electricity company that will reinvest its profits straight back into the city, supporting essential services and local communities. It’s the first of its kind in the South West.

Peter Haigh, Managing Director of Bristol Energy, said: “We believe energy companies have the power to make a positive difference. If you pay your bills with Bristol Energy, your money doesn’t just disappear into the pockets of private shareholders, it will help us to support your city.  As a Bristol-born company we’re very proud to offer our customers the chance to pay in Bristol Pounds, helping even more of the money made in the city, stay local to the city.”

Read More

How to switch to Bristol Energy

Switch your electricity and gas today quoting BPOUND001 and Bristol Energy will give you £B20 (or £B10 for one fuel). PLUS Bristol Energy will give Bristol Pound CIC £B10 too (or £B5 for one fuel), so you're supporting your currency even more!

Switch online or call Bristol Energy on 0808 281 2222.

Please note: When switching to Bristol Energy you need to select “Pay On Receipt Of Bill” as a payment method.

Switch to Bristol Energy

How to pay your energy bills in Bristol Pounds

You’ll need to log in to your account and keep your account topped up.

  1. Login to your Bristol Pound account
  2. Click on the Banking tab and choose Member Payment from the left-hand menu
  3. In the Business Member field type bristolenergy, goodenergyelectric or goodenergygas
  4. Enter the Amount you wish to pay
  5. Set Scheduling to Pay now (not scheduled)
  6. Enter your Account Number
  7. Add a Description if you wish (e.g. Gas Bill for October)
  8. Click Submit and Confirm the payment.

Get Business Support

If your business accepts Bristol Pounds, this is the spot to look for resources and advice on how to make the most of our city's own money.

We (you and us) are world-renowned for having created something very special here in Bristol. By having our own currency we are keeping money in the city, circulating around local, independent businesses.

It's like the old saying: what goes around, comes around. If your business uses Bristol Pounds, then there'll be more in circulation to come right back to you. If you use Pounds Sterling (even if you spend locally), then it will leak right out of the city and none of us will see it again.

Another trend that has been made very clear is that those businesses which embrace the Bristol Pound (with window stickers, mentions on websites, van vinyls and tweets), get the most through their tills. So, have a look at the options below and see what your business can do to make the most of the Bristol Pound.

Let your customers know you take Bristol Pounds

One of the ways your business can use Bristol Pounds is accept them from customers. There are a growing number of ethical customers and businesses who want to spend Bristol Pounds. You need to show that you're ready to take them.

1) Get Noticed - order new POS. Display your Bristol Pound window sticker and POS materials prominently and use our logo in your own promotional materials. Order new POS by emailing info@bristolpound.org

2) Go Digital - add Bristol Pounds as an online payment option. Add an option to get paid online in Bristol Pounds - see our blog for details .Add this logo to your website.

3) Make sure your invoices show Bristol Pounds as a payment option.You can download this image and add it to your invoice and your website.

4) Update your directory listing. You have a directory listing on bristolpound.org/directory. This is where customers, both members of the public and other businesses will see your business. They will be looking for where they can spend their Bristol Pounds. So make sure the contact info and description is up-to-date, email info@bristolpound.org if anything needs amending.

5) Shout about it - use our Social media. Tweet @BristolPound with your latest business news and get a retweet to our followers (over 17k of them). Share with our Facebook page and we'll spread the word about your business.

Be Bristol Pound ready

1) Staff training. Some businesses have high staff turnover, so be sure your staff know: what security features to look for, how to accept text payments and how to put Bristol Pounds through the till (normally they are treated just like Sterling, but some businesses choose to add a Bristol Pound button). Show staff the video above of the app in use.

2) Be ready for text payments. Make sure your Pay by Text phone is charged and on hand. Some businesses that take infrequent text payments prefer not to use their own phone, but instead check their online Bristol Pound account or check the customer's phone.

Use your Bristol Pounds

1) Give change in Bristol Pounds. One great way to spend on cash you receive is to give it out again. Many people will take Bristol Pounds if offered it as change. You can order stickers which tell customers they can ask for change in Bristol Pounds also.

2) Bank your paper Bristol Pounds, so you can spend them on. You can deposit Bristol Pound paper notes that you take into your account by visiting your nearest ‘Cash Point Plus’ listed here.

3) Find suppliers that take Bristol Pounds. The directory is a useful tool for looking up local suppliers who take Bristol Pounds. We have cleaning companies, builders and electricians, delivery companies, printing and marketing firms, financial and legal, as well as a whole host of companies who do food, and more. If you need a hand just give us a call and we’ll help link you up with your specific business needs.

4) Make payments to your suppliers from your online banking. You can log in to your online banking through the bristolpound.org homepage, in the top right corner where it says ‘My Account’.

Once you’re in, you can make a member payment to any other Bristol Pound business or user. These can be immediate one-off payments, payments scheduled for a future date or regular payments. The recipient will pay a 1% fee on the payment received, capped at 95p. The maximum value of online payments is £B2,500 per day to personal members and £B7,500 to business members.

5) As a last resort, exchange to Sterling. You can exchange to sterling from your online banking page, using the option in the left menu on the banking tab. Use the description box to nominate a bank account to transfer your deposit into, and be sure to provide the sort code, account number and account name. If the request is received before 15:30 Monday to Friday the transfer will be made on the same day, otherwise on the next working day. The funds are always converted and credited to the BCU share account first, then transferred on to the external bank account. If no bank details are provided in the description box then the funds will remain in the member’s share account until the BCU is contacted separately.

Please only use this function if you have exhausted any other possibility of spending on Bristol Pounds.

Create Bristol Pounds

Don't just wait for them to come in, create some yourself! The more Bristol Pounds there are out and about around Bristol the better. Bristol Pounds can only be spent in a local, independent business - your business. So, wherever possible, spend Bristol Pounds in place of sterling.

1) Work out where you're going to spend them: business rates, market rents, wages, suppliers, services. Search our directory here: bristolpound.org/directory for suppliers and if you need a hand just give us a call and we'll help link you up with your specific business needs.

2) Work out how much you will be spending in Bristol Pounds each month (eg. £B1100 on business rates + £B1450 wages + £B3500 on supplies + £B1500 on services = £B7550).

3) Top up your business banking account by standing order (eg. £B7550 a month). Here's a guide on topping up.

4) Spend on those Bristol Pounds. Here's a guide to using your online account to make payments.

And finally, get in touch. If you have any questions or problems, just contact us.

The basics of getting paid

1) Electronic Payments Bristol Pound customers can pay you electronically using the Bristol Pound app, by text to pay, or by online payment. Payments are made instantly into your Bristol Pound account, meaning there is no waiting around to get paid.

To accept text to pay and app payments, you will need a basic mobile phone at your checkout. Receipts for payments will be texted to this phone so you will know straightaway that they have gone through.

2) In Cash Bristol Pound cash is beautiful and flows freely in the city. Taking this cash and offering it as change is a great way to promote your engagement with local trade. You can bank this cash into your Bristol Pound account at several ‘cash points’ (shops) around the city, or ideally give out as change to all your customers. The notes have advanced security features and there have been no forgeries in circulation.

3) Via our Partner Bank Bristol Pound is a not-for-profit partnership run by Bristol Pound CIC and Bristol Credit Union, with the Credit Union acting as the bank for Bristol Pounds. Bristol Credit Union, manage all accounts, payment services and security for Bristol Pound deposits, providing you with an ethical and honest banking service.

You can access your account through the easy online banking system; view your itemised payment log via the online banking platform, and make payments to other businesses using this facility.