The Bristol Pound in the media

Music and magic as Bristol Pound celebrates second birthday with party and night market

Posted 18/09/2014

THE Bristol Pound is celebrating its second birthday with a party and night market, complete with fireworks, magicians and street food.

St Nicholas' Market will host the night on Friday, September, 19 from 5.30pm to 9.30pm. Old City traders, including Bagel Boy, Roll for the Soul and Birdcage Bristol, will run special mini-events on the same evening.

Two years on, Bristol Pound is worth half-a-million to local economy

Posted 04/09/2014

IT was launched to help independent traders and stop wealth generated in the city from being sucked out of the local economy.

Two years on from its launch, how successful has the Bristol Pound been in its mission to make Bristol a more vibrant and sustainable place?

Bristol Pound tourist map published

Posted 10/07/2014

"The Bristol Pound tourist map is a free pocket-sized map showing more than 100 businesses in the city centre that accept the local currency.

People can collect the map from dozens of the featured locations or from the Tourist Information Centre."

Bristol Pound is now accepted at 650 businesses

Posted 10/07/2014

"Two years after the Bristol Pound was launched just over 650 businesses in the city are now accepting the currency. The organisation behind the scheme has also revealed that £528,000 of the currency is now in use in the city in both electronic and note form.

The news comes as a brand new tourist map highlighting 100 of the businesses which are involved in the scheme has been published."

Totnes will launch 'text to pay' scheme

Posted 06/07/2014

"The pound in your pocket has a brand new buzz – and there’s not a thing the Bank of England can do about it.

From the Bristol Pound to Bitcoins, campaigners are ditching sterling for local currencies.

This autumn Totnes in South Devon will launch a new “text-to-pay” scheme for independent traders which could eventually be rolled out nationally.

The project, allowing payments by mobile phone, will extend the Totnes Pound, which was relaunched with new banknotes in May this year."

Supermarkets suck up local money and jobs

Posted 24/03/2014

"What we do need is a system based on local production for local needs where everyone has the opportunity to walk or cycle to local shops, which are actually local.

What we do need is a system where, as far as possible, the money remains in the local area through mechanisms such as the Bristol Pound."

Bid to give Cumbria its own currency

Posted 21/03/2014

“The Bristol and Brixton pounds are going really well and experience has shown that when small businesses are involved in the design of these systems they are far more effective than when it is just ethical consumers involved”

Good Cheer!

Posted 21/03/2014

Good Cheer! Bristol Pound drinkeries thrown into the spot light - Bristol Beer Factory, Pipe and Slippers, Hillgrove Grove Pub and Gallimaufry all name checked and reviewed in Bristol's newest mag 'Good Bristol'


A Historia Da Libra De Bristol

Posted 19/03/2014

The story of the Bristol Pound, as told by Chris Sunderland, in the Portuguese magazine 'Rede'. An english version of this article is available on our blog.




Local Shoppers smash Bristol Pound's £20k Christmas target

Posted 24/01/2014

"TRADE over the Christmas period saw a big boost in the amount of Bristol Pounds (£B) being spent. The currency's directors set a £B20,000 target for the festive period – and say they were "thrilled" when more than £B30,000 was spent in December."

Go local for Christmas

Posted 12/12/2013

"If you're buying gifts for the festive season, support your city and its independent traders by shopping and spending Bristol Pounds" - two page article in Bedminster Matters (published by Hibu)


£20,000 to be spent over Christmas, says Bristol Pound director

Posted 07/12/2013

"The Bristol Pound has announced a target of £20,000 to be spent over the Christmas period.

Launched today in support of Small Business Saturday, the Bristol Pound Christmas Campaign will run from 7th December until the 5th January, the last of the ‘12 days of Christmas’"


Bristol Pound Celebrates First Anniversary

Posted 15/09/2013

"The Bristol Pound currency is now one year old - and four new Bristol Pound Cash Points, in Brislington, Bedminster, Horfield and Redfield have been announced to celebrate the anniversary. M Shed muesum has also marked the occasion with a permenent display of Bristol Pounds alongside a set of the 'original' Bristol currency"


First Bus to accept Bristol Pounds

Posted 13/09/2013

Bristol 24/7 "Bus users in Bristol will be able to use Bristol Pounds to pay for journeys from next Monday, in what is thought to be a first for public transport in UK"

Point West

Posted 13/09/2013

Kevin Butler, Former Bank of England Agent for the South West, speaking on the £B; “I think it’s going to have a kind of snowball effect. You start off small, and as the message gets round, the snowball starts building in size”.

“If I wasn’t accepting the £B I wouldn’t have as many customers as I’ve had…my spending habits have changed, specifically, I will go, along with my girl friend, and go to a place that accepts the £B” Mark Welbourne, Painter, Decorator, Locksmith"

One year on, Bristol Pound is helping put city on the map

Posted 26/08/2013

"IT was launched a year ago and made headlines across the world and is still going from strength to strength.

The Bristol Pound is gearing up for its first birthday celebrations with an air of quiet satisfaction and a determination to keep the momentum going."


Baker banks on the Bristol Pound

Posted 22/08/2013

The Guardian talks to a Bristol baker owner who buys and sells in Bristol Pounds, as the community currency approaches it's first birthday

Hoping to be quids in with an Oxford Pound

Posted 18/06/2013

"OXFORD could get its own currency by next year if an idea from local traders comes to fruition.

Adam O’Boyle and other campaigners hope they can introduce Oxford’s answer to the successful Bristol Pound scheme by next year."

Bristol mayor launches city's pound

Posted 19/09/2012

Bristol became the first British city to launch a local currency on Wednesday when Lord Mayor councillor Peter Main handed over a crisp new Bristol pound note to buy a loaf of bread in a city centre bakery

Local currency the Bristol Pound goes live tomorrow

Posted 18/09/2012

From tomorrow the cash tills of hundreds of Bristol’s independent retailers will be filled with the city’s own local currency, as the Bristol Pound goes live.

After three years in the making, the new currency designed to bolster the city’s independent businesses will be accepted in stores such as Chandos Deli, the Glassboat and Goldbrick House.


Hundreds of businesses to accept the Bristol Pound

Posted 09/07/2012

With the Euro in the state it's in, you might think now is not the best time to launch a new currency. But in two months' time, that's what will happen in Bristol. 230 businesses have already signed up to accept the Bristol Pound.

It's being launched on September 19th. Its creators hope to print a million pounds in the first year. Tanya Mercer reports.

Feature on You and Yours

Posted 17/02/2012

Beginning 28:30 into the programme. After Bristol launches its own pound we find out how other local currencies are doing..

Listen here