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Opening a Bristol Pound account makes it easy and convenient to use Bristol Pounds and support Bristol's independent businesses.

Please note: If you have changed address in the last year, you are unlikely to be able to open a £B Account online. You will need to sign up in person.

Once you have filled in your details below you will receive an email with all the information you need.

Individual Account


Application information

Opening a Bristol Pound account involves becoming a member of Bristol Credit Union. Please see the side bar for details.

If you're already a member of Bristol Credit Union just add a Bristol Pound account to your membership.

If you are not already a member of Bristol Credit Union, most people can apply for membership online quickly and easily (see eligibility criteria below). Just follow 4 simple steps:

  • enter and submit your details in the form above
  • follow the link displayed or in the email we send you
  • fill in the application form the link takes you to
  • make an initial deposit into your Bristol Pound account

Your account will then soon be open and ready with Bristol Pounds for you to use. To get started please provide your details above and we'll send you a link to our secure on-line form.

If, for any reason, your online application is unsuccessful this does not necessarily mean you can't have a Bristol Pound account. If unsuccessful, please contact Bristol Credit Union,

Note: If you are looking to set up a Business Account then please click here instead.

Eligibility criteria

To apply online now you will need to:

  • live in the membership area (the former county of Avon)
  • have your National Insurance number to hand
  • have a valid credit or debit card to make an initial deposit (minimum £11)
  • have a working email address to receive the link to the application form
  • be prepared to have an online identity check made (this will not affect your credit rating)
  • be over 18 years old

If you don't meet the criteria to apply online you may still qualify for membership. If you work, volunteer, or go to school/university in the membership area, you can join the Bristol Pound, but will have to complete a printed application form and provide relevant documentation to Bristol Credit Union, 112 Cheltenham Road, Bristol, BS6 5RW.