Why join in?

 Bristol Pounds stick to Bristol, support local businesses and build community to create a fairer, greener, happier local economy.

Love Bristol? Go Local!


Bristol Pounds stick to Bristol

Bristol Pounds (£B) stick to local independent businesses. More money is kept in the city, working for the people of Bristol, rather than being lost to faceless big business. For every £1 spent at a chain supermarket, only 10-12p stays in the local economy1. £Bs stick to our local economy for longer, and are spent again and again locally2, creating more wealth for our communities.

Bristol Pounds support local businesses and build community connections

Bristol Pounds are ‘happy money’ because it feels good to use them and makes us more connected. £B is a community currency - it connects people and brings people together to show support for our city. Independent businesses are vital for healthy communities as they employ more people3 and make Bristol a special and unique place to live. Using £B means less pollution; buying local means we don’t need to ship or fly so many products from far away.

Bristol Pounds work for people not banks to create a fairer, greener, happier local economy

£B is about fairness, cooperation and creativity. Using £B helps create new enterprise, and social and green projects. The Bristol Pound is a not-for-profit partnership between ‘Bristol Pound Community Interest Company’ and Bristol Credit Union. Bristol Credit Union is a local, co-operatively run, alternative to big banks. £B is good honest money, run for the members, and for the good of the city.


Love Bristol? Go Local!

Bristol’s unique qualities - its independence, rich culture and community spirit – make it an incredible place to live. Using £B is a great way to discover your city and find amazing local businesses you might otherwise never have heard of! The paper pounds are beautiful and the secure TXT2PAY system is Bristol innovation at its best. Using the pound is a great conversation starter, with each transaction you get a little buzz from knowing that you’re contributing to something amazing.

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2. http://www.neweconomics.org/publications/entry/the-money-trail  Local Multiplier Effect.

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Other benefits for Individuals:

Special offers exclusive to Bristol Pound users.

Be part of a movement to support our city. Discover new, unique and creative aspects of Bristol.

Support local producers via our Farm-Link Initiative.


Other benefits for Businesses:

Direct access to £B account holders, who are actively looking to spend; access to more customers.

Free promotion & marketing via online directory, print press, facebook, twitter

Benefit from the high profile and media coverage of the Bristol Pound.

Strong branding to help differentiate & compete against big nationals & multinationals.

Opportunities for increased business-to-business networking for suppliers and retailers.

Pay business rates to Bristol City Council, who will in turn pay wages to staff.

Very low cost to use.

Fast, easy, innovative payments.