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April 10, 2013
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A Morning with Matisse with Mandy’s Make

by Megan Liversey

Join in with Mandy’s Make from 9am to 12pm at the Duchess of Totterdown, Wells Road on the 17th April for a colourful creative workshop called ‘A Morning with Matisse’.

Henri Matisse was a French artist known for his original use of colour, creating some of his most exquisite works by cutting shapes out of brilliantly coloured paper. Delightful, playful and inventive, his ‘drawings with scissors’ sought to discover pure forms and to capture movement on paper with his bold love of colour. He believed that, “scissors can acquire more feeling for line than pencil or charcoal”. In this three hour workshop for £B25, you will be looking at Matisse’s work and recurring motifs and using them to inspire and create two decoupage pictures or table mats which are yours to keep.

Mandy’s Make are new to Bristol and devise an extensive programme of fun, informative and practical workshops made to suit everyone, including puppet monster making, clay modelling and furniture facelift workshops. They are perfect for party’s and can also cater for you providing truly scrumptious treats.

You can get involved in the workshops at their HQ in Brislington or they can bring the workshops to you, wether that be to venues, cafes, the workplace or home. There are regular slots at The Old Bookshop in North Street, The Duchess of Totterdown and The Shakespeare Pub in Totterdown where adults can get involved with ‘Art for the terrified’.

At Mandys Make they truly believe that “The best gift you can bestow on anyone is creativity” and they feel a organic connection with the Bristol Pound and the City itself.

Mandy explains “There is something special and unique about Bristol, its a multicultural city full of creative people that aren’t afraid to give new ideas a go. We want to contribute towards this by carrying out creative workshops locally and by promoting the local environment, we believe creativity encourages confidence and independent thinking “.

For more information on Mandy’s Make visit their website home.html

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