The Last Fish
January 31, 2022

A Way Out

On the 4th of October we brought together new economy groups to share our learnings and create a forum to join our thinking on how to tackle the growing challenges facing our economy and society; it was an incredible experience and a resounding success.


Image Four Collab Two

The day was be split into themes, covering different ways to trade,  of understanding value, different forms of organisation and ownership and different ways to change thinking. Each section had excellent provocations, followed by open space discussions. We were joined by people all over the globe through our hybrid setup, which enabled provocations from some of the best minds in new economics who couldn’t be there in person.


Image Three Collab





The energy was incredible, and some great new collaborative projects are already emerging as a result. This may mark the end of the Bristol Pound project, but we hope it will prove a catalyst for new economic groups to work together, and give us the confidence and energy to build something that can give us a way out of the oncoming climate and economic crises.


Image One Tech


Way Out Economics was done in collaboration with the Credit Commons Society and Venture Beyond. We want to thank Bricks Bristol the excellent venue, our caterers, Square Food Foundation for keeping the conference going on a full stomach, and Spirolux for a seamless hybrid conference experience.

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