How it works for individuals

Love Bristol? Go Local! Support your high street and strengthen your community by spending Bristol Pounds with hundreds of independent, Bristol-based traders.

Open an account to join the thousands of others who are spending Bristol Pounds (joining is completely free of charge).

We've made it very easy and secure to use Bristol Pounds with our TXT2PAY system and online banking. 

After opening a Bristol Pound account with Bristol Credit Union you can pay into your account with a standing order or with any standard bank transfer.


Spending Bristol Pounds with TXT2PAY

TXT2PAY is the fun way to pay with Bristol Pounds. It takes just a few seconds with all the convenience of debit and credit card payments. All you need is a mobile phone, no wallet required! It works on any mobile on any network. 

You can also spend Bristol Pounds with any other member using online payments from your secure account. 


Paper Bristol Pounds

Anyone can use printed Bristol Pounds. It’s a voluntary system. Simply exchange your sterling for paper Bristol Pounds at £B Cash Points around the city and spend them in participating businesses.

See our £B Cash Points page for where to get paper Bristol Pounds or view them on a map.

Where to Spend

Using Bristol Pounds is a fun way of finding new and exiting places around your city. Look for places to spend the Bristol Pound on our online directory, printed directories or look for the Bristol Pound logo in shop windows.

Check out special offers for Bristol Pound users on the right hand side of this page.


Using your Bristol Pound Account

For further details of how to use your Bristol Pound account click on the links below:

Login to your account

Paying with Bristol Pounds using TXT2PAY (SMS Payments system)

Making an online payment in Bristol Pounds

Paying in to your Bristol Pound account

Getting help