Bristol Pound app FAQs


If your query is not listed below, please contact asap for assistance.

Watch this demo of the app in action to see how to make a payment


Signing in:

What login credentials do I need to login to the app?

  • Use the same username and password as you do for Bristol Pound online banking


I don’t know my username, what should I do?

  • When you first signed up for a Bristol Pound account, your username will have been sent to you in an email from Bristol Credit Union. Search your emails for an email with the subject ‘Your new Bristol Pound account’ to find the relevant email


I’ve forgotten my password / I’ve never created a password, what should I do?

  • Follow these instructions to reset or create a password:
  1. Visit this webpage:
  2. Click on the orange text that says ‘Click here to create or reset your login password’
  3. Enter your username and click submit
  4. This will send you an email containing a link to set a new password
  5. Click the link in the email and follow the instructions on screen to create a new password. The new password will then work for the app and Bristol Pound online banking

Please note – if you’re allocated a new password by Bristol Credit Union or Bristol Pound staff, this password must be changed in Bristol Pound online banking before it can be used in the app.


What is Quick Login? How does it work?

  • As the name suggests, Quick Login makes accessing the app quicker which can prove useful when in a retail environment
  • Instead of entering your password each time you open the app, you enter a 4 digit PIN
  • To enable Quick Login, enter your password and tick ‘Use Quick Login’ box, you’ll then be prompted to enter your PIN (see below for info on your PIN)
  • Once enabled, there’s no need to Log out after you’ve used the app. Simply close the app down and next time you open it, you’ll be prompted only for the PIN


How do I create a PIN?

  • If you’ve ever used text2pay, your PIN will be the same for the app as for text2pay
  • If you’ve never created a PIN, do so in the ‘passwords’ section of Bristol Pound online banking to then use it in the app
  • If you’ve forgotten your PIN, please contact and we will reset it for you. Please change it online before using it in the app


I’m logged in but I cannot make payments or see my balance. What should I do?

  • This is a known problem and occurs when using a temporary password to login
  • Please login to Bristol Pound online banking and change your password. Once you’ve created a new password, use it to login to the app and the app should function as normal


I’ve followed the instructions above and my iPhone still won’t recognise my password, what’s going on?

  • We have identified a bug that affects use of keychain on some iPhones. If you are using keychain for your Bristol Pound app and you are having difficulties logging in, we recommend using another way to remember your password while we investigate the bug
  • Using Quick Login will help as you’ll be prompted for your PIN, rather than your password when accessing the app


Signing up:


Why can’t I sign up through the app?

The Bristol Credit Union, who provide our account services, have restrictions on who can open an account. You must meet one or more of certain criteria to be able to open an account:

  • You need to either:
    • Live in the Bristol region, as defined as the area covered by the former county of Avon.
    • Work in the Bristol region i.e. have an employer with a postcode in the area as defined above.
    • Study at certain institutions in the Bristol region i.e. one of the following: University of Bath, Bath College, Bath Spa University, University of Bristol, City of Bristol College, South Gloucestershire and Stroud College, University of the West of England, Weston College.
    • Be a member of UNISON or Unite in the Southwest of England
    • Be a tenant of certain housing associations i.e. one of the following: Arcadia Housing Group, Curo Group, Elim Housing, The Guinness Partnership, Merlin Housing Society, Places for People Group, Solon South West Housing Association, Sovereign Housing Association, United Housing Association.

If you do not meet any of these criteria, unfortunately you will not be able to use digital Bristol Pounds, however there are absolutely no restrictions on who can use our beautiful paper Bristol Pound cash. Visit our shop to buy online or take a look at our cashpoint map to see where you can go to pick some up.


Can I sign up my business via the app?

Unfortunately not, please visit the Bristol Pound website to sign up your business:


Making a payment:


How do I make a payment?

  • Watch this demo of the app in action to see how to make a payment


I’m new to using apps, can someone show me how it all works?

  • Contact us: 0117 929 8642 and we can talk you through the functions or even meet up for a demo if you’re in central Bristol


My phone has signal but the app won’t load. What should I do?

  • If the app is slow to load, simply closing it down completely and immediately re-launching it will help it to load quicker (by this, we mean for iPhone: double tapping on the home button and then swiping up on the app so that it leaves the screen. For Android: launching the recent applications menu and swiping right on the app so that it leaves the screen)
  • As with most apps, we recommend you close it down completely after each use to avoid this issue.
  • We recommend logging on to wifi where possible as this is likely to provide a more reliable connection than a mobile’s 3G or 4G


I’m not sure if a payment has gone through, what can I do?

  • The transaction complete message will only show if the payment has been successful
  • This can be double checked by navigating to the spending tab. Do this by tapping on the square icon at the bottom of the screen. Here you can view all previous transactions
  • You can also view previous transactions made at a certain business by viewing their business profile. Scroll down to see all past transactions with that business


I’m logged in but I cannot make payments or see my balance. What should I do?

  • This is a known problem and occurs when using a temporary password to login
  • Please login to Bristol Pound online banking and change your password. Once you’ve created a new password, use it to login to the app and the app should function as normal


I’ve got no decimal point on my keyboard so I can only pay in full £Bs, what can I do?

  • This is an issue that affects certain Samsung and HTC phones as the standard keyboard fitted does not include a decimal point when making a payment
  • This is easily remedied by downloading an alternative keyboard and setting it as the standard keyboard for the phone
  • There are a number of options for alternative keyboards, one that we know works well is the Google keyboard but others are available
  • You may find that this issue affects other apps as well as the Bristol Pound app
  • If you need support with installing an alternative keyboard, please contact us: let us know the make and model of your phone and we’ll respond with step by step guide to installing a different keyboard


Extra Hints and tips:

Use the filter to show only a certain type of business:

  • Hungry at lunch time? Use the filter to only show cafes and restaurants
  • Tap the filter symbol in the top right hand corner of the screen to bring up the menu
  • Tick each category that you want to see
  • Close the menu with the cross in the top right of the screen
  • Now, only businesses that fit that category/ies will show on the map
  • Remember to return to the filter menu to show all businesses once again


Use your app to withdraw £B cash:

  • Use the app to withdraw £B cash for spending with those businesses that don’t use the app
  • You can do this at: Bristol Credit Union, Tobacco Factory cafebar, Compuwave Computers and Bristol Tourist Information Centre
  • Visit one of the above places and find them in the app
  • Use the orange money symbol at the bottom of the screen to change your digital balance for hard cash.


Want a quicker and easier way to login – Use Quick Login.

  • See details in the Signing in section above


Monitor your spending month to month:

  • See how many Bristol Pounds you’ve spent month by month by viewing the spending tab
  • Tap the square icon at the bottom of the screen to scroll through that month’s spend
  • Tap the previous month in the top left of the screen to see last month’s spend
  • See how many £Bs you’ve pumped into our local economy each month!


Got any more hints or tips? Let us know and we’ll add them here! Email



What charges are there for using the app?

  • There is no fee to download the app
  • The only fees are transaction charges levied on the recipient of funds (just like with debit & credit cards)
  • App transfers are subject to a 1% fee, with the fee capped at £B1.