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February 4, 2020
Behind the Business #5 – Comera Group
February 12, 2020

Behind the Business #5 – Comera Group

We’re meeting the businesses in Bristol Pound’s network who are making the most of our Premium Business Services. We want to hear the stories about their business, about themselves and how being a part of a localised economy helps them.

Helping Bristol’s Businesses to Thrive

Comera Group was founded by Will Cogley and Tania Seymour, two entrepreneurs with a background in finance, eleven years ago. Comera was founded on a simple goal: to give Bristol’s SMEs the skills and advice they need to succeed while tackling any challenges they face along the way.

Talking about why he founded Comera, Will says: “When Tania and I worked in corporate finance, we spent a lot of time working with SMEs and getting to know what makes them tick. We found that one of the biggest problems they face is a lack of proper advice and skills to tackle the challenges that inevitably occur when running a business, whether that’s accountancy, HR support or security. We founded Comera to give people access to all these services from one provider who they can trust”.

Comera has grown a lot since, now serving larger organisations across the country. As well as the professional services they are offering, they have also diversified into other services their clients need, helping to keep them sustainable, healthy, secure and compliant. Comera Group understands there’s more to life than business so they have also adapted these services to individuals.


Consultancy – Done Right

What ties all of this together is Comera’s firm belief in empowering their clients to live better lives in a way that benefits the community. This is reflected by the areas that they have chosen to specialise in and is reflected in every aspect of the way they deliver their services.

Consultancy can sometimes get a bad reputation but, right from the start, Comera Group decided to be different. Their values of looking after people, acting in a socially responsible way, commitment to clients and promoting a culture of quality drive everything they do. This is true whether they are assisting with disaster relief in the British Virgin Islands through Comera Risk, helping to make the world greener through Comera Energy or helping people to plan their futures through Comera Professional.


Our Bristol Roots

Bristol has always been important to the Comera Group. It’s where they come from, it’s where many of their clients are and their head offices are still at The Quorum, right in the centre of the city. The team agree that Bristol has been good to Comera and they are determined to repay the favour. This year, they are working with The Grand Appeal to raise money to help Bristol Children’s Hospital.

Working with so many of Bristol’s start-ups, Comera Group realises how important Bristol’s business community is to the character of the City. Whether it’s the vendors at St Nicholas’ Market or the tech start-ups in the Engine Shed, Comera believes that our local businesses make Bristol the lively and independent place that it is. The Comera Group joined the Bristol Pound because they believe it is a great way of supporting our business community and keeping our money in Bristol, and that’s something Comera will always support.

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