Bristol Pound launch city wide treasure hunt
August 22, 2017
5 years on and 5 million Bristol Pounds spent
September 19, 2017

Birthday Treasure Hall of Winners

This week, we have lead you on a quest around the city to find treasure packets of Bristol Pounds in celebration of our 5th birthday. We hope our clues have lead you to explore the radical, alternative people and places that have helped to make Bristol such a special place to live. We tied it up last night when treasure seekers braved the rain to dig for £B100 in Castle Park. Thanks to all those who took part and congratulations to our lucky winners!

As we look to the future, we pledge to continue to be as innovative as the city we serve and to keep imagining a greener, fairer economy that serves people, not banks.

So thanks for playing Bristol – here’s the winners hall of fame:

Number one on our Treasure Hunt hall of fame are these avid treasure seekers. Well done to Eric and the gang for finding an impressive 5 out of 12 pieces of treasure hidden around the city! They found their treasure in the Old Market Assembly Rooms, Wood Recycling Project, the Plough pub in Easton, PRSC Stokes Croft China and behind the commemorative plaque to civil rights in the central bus station. All of these hiding places have a special story to tell, from overcoming oppressive government cuts and fighting capitalism to supporting community cohesion.

Their team of 4 have split the winnings and are going to treat themselves using the Bristol Pound maps as guidance.

Well done to Leon, who snapped up this treasure packet outside St. Nicks Market, under the infamous 3 handed clock, where the black hand shows the old Bristol time!

Well done to Sal and Kay for finding a packet of treasure in the Tobacco Factory, who hold the torch for independents in Southville.

Congratulations to Jack, who found this one in record time in everyone’s favourite Gloucester Road toy shop, Playful Toy shop.

Well done Philippa for snapping up this packet of treasure, hidden under the plaque which commemorates Victoria Hughes, who cared for sex workers in this public toilet on Clifton Downs. What a woman!

Richard snapped up our final envelope in the Windmill Pub on Windmill hill – a much loved independent pub selling delicious grub and local ales.

And finally, Dave was the speediest treasure seeker at our live event in castle park (even though he was wearing flip flops in the rain!) He nabbed the £B100 treasure and is going to spend it on food (and maybe a sensible pair of shoes?!)

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