Member Representatives on the Bristol Pound CIC board of directors

Every two years we run elections so that Bristol Pound members can elect representatives to the board. Over the last two years, Conan Wills has been representing our individual members and Sharon Woma has been representing our business members.

Sadly Conan has now served two terms of two years and is therefore required to retire at this point. Sharon has served for one term, and is eligible to stand for election again.

So we’re putting out a call to our members. As a minimum, we need one person to put themselves forward as a representative of individual Bristol Pound members. But ideally we’d have a few people put themselves forward, so that we can have meaningful elections for both the individual and the business member representative roles. This is the main way that members can influence our future strategy and development, and help us maintain rigour in our governance.

Being a member representative is a serious matter. It involves being a company director, with legal responsibilities (see here for details). It means attending monthly board meetings, and reading some reports to prepare for those meetings. It means being an advocate for the Bristol Pound CIC, helping us to raise awareness and build engagement across the city. And it means taking the time to understand what the members are feeling, so that their views are understood at board level.

If being a member representative on the board is something which appeals to you, please send an email to Diana can talk through any queries you may have about the role, and make sure we have everything in place for the elections, which will happen in late November / early December.

We’ll be having an event for all members in late November. At the event, we’ll ask all the people who nominate themselves to spend a minute or two explaining how they seek to represent their members at board level, what they bring to the board, and their ideas for how they would like to influence the development of Bristol Pound CIC. We’ll also send out information about those standing for election to all the members. The election itself will then be held via an electronic poll.