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December 3, 2013
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Bristol Food Policy Council launches Good Food plan for Bristol

Bristol Food Policy Council “Good Food” vision for Bristol:

Imagine you lived in a truly sustainable food city, renowned for the vibrancy and diversity of its food culture, and for a food system which, from field to fork, is good for people, places and the planet. A city where good food is visible and celebrated in every corner and where everyone has access to fresh, seasonal, local, organic and fairly traded food that is tasty, healthy and affordable, no matter where they live.

Picture a city where every school, hospital or care home, every restaurant and work place canteen serves only delicious sustainable food; where good food enterprises multiply and thrive; where people of every age, and from every background, are developing skills in growing and cooking and are practically involved in creating a positive and inclusive food culture in their own communities.

Would you want to live in a city like this? We believe that that this is an achievable reality for Bristol….

Bristol-Good-Food-Plan-graphic_1_small1Last Friday, Bristol Food Policy Council launched A Good Food Plan for Bristol, accompanied by a short animation (watch below), at a well attended launch event in City Hall.

The Food Policy Council is an small and influential group of food experts. Their remit is to implement the recommendations of the much quoted Who Feeds Bristol? report, authored by Joy Carey in 2011.

Bristol Food Policy Council encourage individuals and businesses to sign the Bristol Good Food Charter. By doing so they have the chance to reflect their food-related behaviours; celebrating good food-behaviours and setting targets for improvement in areas they want to improve. For example, an individual could pledge to ‘Encourage my nursery, school, or workplace to sign up to the Soil Association Catering Mark’ or a business sign up to ‘Minimise food waste by organising a compost collection and try to redistribute any food that I can’t use’.
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Bristol Pound is proud to partner with Bristol Food Policy Council. There is a common appreciation for the importance of having a diverse range of food outlets in a city. Bristol Pound supports independent food retailers to sell more, by sending more customers to their business and encouraging more business-to-business trade between local businesses. We also support primary producers to supply more food into the city, through our ‘Farmlink‘ scheme.

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