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February 25, 2019
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Bristol Pound & Bristol24/7. Better Business – a collective drive to create positive change!

Bristol Pound were pleased to become founder members of Better Business Bristol when it was launched in November. Now we’re delighted to announce that in partnership with Bristol24/7, you can now pay for Better Business membership in Bristol Pounds and in doing so you’ll receive 10% off!

We were struck by the similarities between our own aims and those of Better Business. Both organisations strive for positive change through collaboration, creating new relationships and strengthening old ones – Bristol Businesses working together under the shared goal of making our city better for everybody.

A recent report showed Bristol as the most segregated major city in the UK. Better Business believe that this can be changed by working together, a mantra that they share with Bristol Pound.

As Bristol 24/7’s Ellie Pipe said recently:

It may be a thriving, prosperous place for many, but Bristol is also rife with inequality and outcomes for young people are all too dependent on where they are from. Recognition of this disparity is increasing, as is an ambition to build and inclusive economy in which no one gets left behind.

Well said Ellie, we agree wholeheartedly. She went on to say:

Bristol24/7’s Better Bristol campaign seeks to help facilitate this change, bringing like-minded businesses, organisations and individuals together to make a real difference across the city, socially and environmentally.

We were also pleased to see Bristol24/7 agreeing with our principles on establishing connections between businesses and communities to make a fairer and more resilient economy. Bristol Pound hopes that a spirit of collaboration in the city can help to build trusted business partnerships which will in turn grow businesses and create jobs. We were encouraged to see a similar message from Bristol24/7.

So it’s with pleasure that we can announce Bristol Pound and Bristol 24/7 are working together to offer Bristol Pound businesses 10% off of Better Business membership when payment is made with Bristol Pounds.

Paying for Better Business with Bristol Pounds ensure that those funds remain in the city, benefiting other independent businesses again and again, rather than leaking out to distant head offices and tax havens.  

For more information on Better Bristol, visit their website HERE

And see the members proposition HERE



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