Bristol Pound business borrowing


What do I need to know?

As of Tuesday 7th May Bristol Pound is operating a pilot loan scheme. A small number of limited scale loans of up to £B15,000 will be offered to qualifying members of the Bristol Pound scheme. Depending on the result of this pilot, we anticipate expanding the scheme and making it open for any business member to apply.

  •       We lend Bristol Pounds at 0% APR
  •       Borrow between £B1,000 and £B15,000, all at the 0% rate
  •       This 0% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is not affected by your credit score
  •       Repayments are made in 12 equal installments over a period of 12 months


How can we offer free finance?

  • We’ve done the old switcheroo on who pays for the lending. We do need to make some revenue to cover the interest we will be charged by the underwriters, but instead of making the borrower pay, we charge a “finders fee” to the members who benefit from the extra business generated through the loan. This takes the form of a 5% transaction charge levied on all payments from the loan account.
  • We are a not for profit organisation. Our sole aim is to invest in the economy of Bristol and the surrounding region, we are not seeking to garner profits from interest charges as most banks do.



  • We want to give independent businesses access to free finance to help them to grow without being laboured with expensive debt from the banks. Providing finance that meets the needs of your business, not to benefit the financial sector.
  • At the same time, we’re pumping more Bristol Pounds into the economy, ensuring that more money circulates locally and supports development of Bristol owned enterprise.


Where will I spend the money I borrow?

  • Marketing, printing, PR, equipment, vehicles, websites, builders, business services and more. There are 100s of Bristol Pound businesses ready and willing to accept Bristol Pounds.
  • Just let us know what you want to spend your Bristol Pound loan on and we’ll find a local business that provides the required service.
  • Want to spend with a Bristol business that isn’t a Bristol Pound member? We’ll encourage any suggested businesses to sign up so you can spend your loan funds with them.
  • If your expenditure requires payment in sterling, simply use  your Bristol Pound loan to pay for other items and offset the cost – however, you’ll have to warn anyone you pay from the loan account about the transaction charge they’ll pay.


Small Print

  • Lending is subject to credit status, and at least for this pilot, you must have been trading over two years and have a turnover of over £25,000 to apply.
  • If you default on a payment you will be charged interest at 10% on the amount overdue (this is the only scenario where interest is charged).
  • No hidden fees.
  • We’ll send you the full Terms and Conditions when you enquire about your Bristol Pound loan!


More Benefits

  • Track your repayments and outstanding balance online
  • Publicity: we’ll promote your business to our 24k social media followers and 6k mailing list.
  • Be part of a strong and supportive business network
  • Support other Bristol businesses and help our economy grow


A message from our MD, Diana Finch:

“A loan today is more revenue tomorrow – a simple but powerful fact of borrowing in Bristol Pounds is that you are putting money into the local economy that stays there, making everyone in the network better off. Your business is much more likely to see the money paid back to you from another member than if you borrowed sterling, as the money circulates around the Bristol Pound network.

We are unique in the world of big banks and interest charges. Our single purpose is to support the economy of Bristol and the surrounding region. We want to keep wealth re-circulating and coming back to your business in new sales.”


To apply, please contact [email protected] to request application forms

For further information, visit our FAQs page.