Bristol Pound Champions

The Bristol Pound Champions Scheme was launched in October 2018 as a way of expanding usage of Bristol Pound through 3 strands:

Community Champion

Are you outgoing and good at making and maintaining relationships? We're recruiting Community Champions to cover all the high street shopping areas of Bristol, helping us sign more local traders up to accept Bristol Pounds, and get more local people using the currency.

Funding Champions

Funding Champions are special people who want to support the Bristol Pound philanthropically. They are closely aligned to our aims and values, and want the local currency to succeed in its aims. They want to strengthen the independent business sector in Bristol as a means of improving economic inclusivity and resilience. If you want to make a real difference to the future of the Bristol Pound, the local independent sector and the development of local currencies more widely, please consider donating money to help us develop the Bristol Pound to the point where it is able to fund itself through trading.

For more information, email our Chair, Ben Heald.

Business Champions

Our Business Champions are businesses who are leading the way in their engagement with the Bristol Pound, and who are committed to helping other independent businesses in Bristol through that engagement. Business Champions help us in a number of ways - hosting and speaking at events, assisting businesses to set up systems which facilitate processing payments and receipts in £B, and promoting use of the Bristol Pound to their staff, for example encouraging staff to take a proportion of their salaries in £B. In return, Business Champions benefit from additional exposure and recognition within the independent business community.

To sign up as a Business Champion, download the Business Champion description and signup form.