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August 5, 2014
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December 3, 2014

Bristol (Pound) Fashion ain’t Too Shabby

Bristol Pound expands into fashion!

Well, not quite but we have printed our first Bristol Pound branded t-shirts! Designed and printed by Not Too Shabby clothing, these 100% organic shirts are now available from the Not Too Shabby website – just make sure you grab your discount for paying with Bristol Pounds!

However, here at Bristol Pound HQ we’re about more than the label, so we sent intern Jack out to chat to Rhys Davies, Co-founder of Not Too Shabby t-shirts and get the story behind the shirts. And a beer…

So, how did Not Too Shabby clothing start?

Not Too Shabby clothing was co-founded by me and my girlfriend Beatriz in November 2013 after years of experience in graphic design. We always had the ideas for t-shirt designs but it reached a point where, whilst pondering a few, we decided to do things properly and take control of their t-shirt making destiny! Not Too Shabby clothing was soon born; with the ideology of creating fresh designs printed on high quality shirts that are both ethical and representative of Bristol culture.

How are they made and delivered?

We’ve based Not Too Shabby around our own values; we aim to source only quality and ethical components for our shirts. Therefore we often have a lower margin than most of our larger competitors. The shirts are hand printed at Screen 1, a local printing studio in Horfield, and we hand deliver to most of our customers. These deliveries “may well be at world record speed”, with best times of 2 hours between order and delivery!

The Bristol Pound shirts are sourced from Earth Positive; a fair trade company which manufactures shirts using 100% organic, clean cotton and renewable energy. The tags are recycled Ecocraft card and Not Too Shabby delivers the shirts in a biodegradable plastic bag wrapped in craft paper. As well as being recyclable, this gives the package a popular old school look.

What attracted Rhys to a collaboration with the £B?

Whilst initially being unconvinced about a local currency, being worried that it would represent Bristol shutting itself off from the rest of the world, I’ve since become a bit of a convert. The important factor being how they cause people to think about where their money goes and how they should spend it.

In support of the Bristol Pound, Not Too Shabby clothing offer a 20% discount on all t-shirts bought with Bristol Pounds.

The future of Not Too Shabby.

At the moment we’re working on a new design to reflect the current world news, featuring our Lord Kitchener but with a pacifist twist… Excitingly, this design will also be available on female vests for the first time; Not Too Shabby’s first move into the female clothes market! Another plan in the pipeline is for hats and sweatshirts but only once some good quality suppliers have been found. Watch this space …

Outside of t-shirts and design Rhys also raps as Little Rhys, often with Mr Woodnote and Eva Lazarus. Jokingly laying claim to the title of Bristol’s most notorious buskers, Rhys noted that in all seriousness that “after leaving school at 15, it was music that eventually gave me the chance to give up the day job and actually start Not Too Shabby”. Putting Not Too Shabby’s name to good causes within the city is also very important to Bea and Rhys; for example, Rhys has recently done free graphic design for XLR, a youth music festival in Knowle West media centre.

Aside from that it’s all about keeping the good designs coming and getting the Not Too Shabby business onto its own two feet! Check out other T’s and find out more at the Not Too Shabby website:


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