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Bristol Pound’s Green Power

With the growing importance of the environmental impacts of our energy consumption, opting for local energy providers is vital to support affordable and clean energy initiatives in and around Bristol. Choosing reliable and secure electrical fitting services will ensure your home appliances and fittings will remain working in the long term. Find out where you can spend £B on green energy businesses and make a difference.


Solarsense UK


Solarsense is a Bristol based organisation that focuses on provision and setup of solar panel equipment, battery storage services and interior electrical installation. They not only provide homes with green energy equipment, but they also work with businesses to help cut their energy costs and emissions. 

Their expertise in providing high-quality surveying and installation services and their financial and social involvement with both British and international charities like the Rainbow Centre means that using their services will give these charitable causes with the extra financial support they need. 


They’ve been given the title of the ‘Environmental Business of the Year’ in 2019’s Bristol Live and Bristol Post Business Awards ceremony. They where they were recognised as having changed perceptions of renewable energy


Using your £B here ensures good social impact when changing to greener appliances at home.


Dan Radburn –  Electrician 


Dan Radburn is an electrician in the Easton and Greenbank area, covering a range of electrical repair, installation and removal services. Dan specialises in full and partial rewires, kitchen and bathroom appliances, lighting, earthing, PAT testing and fuse box replacements. 


He’s received great testimonials and is known for his knowledge of electrical work and friendly demeanour. His clients say that he’s ‘reliable, efficient and competitively priced’.


Be sure to ask Dan to pay him in £B when consulting his services.


Wernbrake Woodland


Wernbrake Woodland is a small scale organisation that manages a small woodland in Monmouthshire, providing timber, seasoned wood and charcoal to buyers in Bristol. They are a sustainable business,  ensuring that they ensure enough trees are growing and not using carbon-heavy methods.  

They also work to maintain the woodland’s biodiversity and ensure that the area is safe for campers, families and ramblers. Their work has been supported by individual and public donors, including the Community Woodland Network and Natural Resources Wales.


If you are thinking of buying from them or supporting them, use Bristol Pounds to ensure the money flows back into Bristol.


Gaia Energy


Gaia Energy is a utility contract negotiator that works on securing the best utility packages for its customers from national and local energy suppliers. They work with individuals, businesses and not-for-profit organisations and maintain open and direct relationships with their clients. 


Offering their clients lower costs, flexibility and choice when it comes to making energy service provider decisions, they arrange the best deals for their clients. They work with telecoms agencies to offer and negotiate contracts with well-known and ethical phone service providers. They also provide start-up grants to small businesses that have just launched. 


They also support green energy initiatives; for example, their ARK Tariff helps support Women’s Led Sustainable Energy Enterprises in communities with lower energy infrastructure.


Bristol energy


Bristol energy provides low-cost energy to their customers and has an ethos of transparency, fairness and simplicity. They are owned by the city council they’ve reinvested £12 million back into social and environmental initiatives in Bristol. Tackling fuel poverty and investment into green energy are some examples of their money spent on social and environmental good.


Their ‘My Green Plus’ programme gives their customers the option to have their entire electricity supply from green energy sources. Bristol Energy’s fuel mix has 51% of their energy coming from green sources, compared to that of 29% under National Grid supply. The growing investment into green energy means that over the next few years, Bristol Energy’s mix will be even greener; this will be a big step towards tackling climate change.


Bristol Energy customers pay for fair and affordable services and have the knowledge that their money is spent on what matters in the city. Pay for your energy in Bristol Pounds to ensure that the money keeps on flowing into Bristol’s economy. 

For more information on which businesses accept Bristol Pounds, have a look at our directory, or our business members map to see what’s near you.

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