Bristol Energy

Support the local economy and your local energy company and pay bills with Bristol Pounds!

Bristol Energy is a Bristol-based energy company and accepts payments in Bristol Pounds for electricity and gas.

Bristol is the first city to have its own currency and its own energy company. Now the two have come together to encourage more people in the city to keep their money local.

Bristol Energy is a gas and electricity company that will reinvest its profits straight back into the city, supporting essential services and local communities. It’s the first of its kind in the South West.

Peter Haigh, Managing Director of Bristol Energy, said:

“We believe energy companies have the power to make a positive difference. If you pay your bills with Bristol Energy, your money doesn’t just disappear into the pockets of private shareholders, it will help us to support your city.  As a Bristol-born company we’re very proud to offer our customers the chance to pay in Bristol Pounds, helping even more of the money made in the city, stay local to the city.”

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How to switch to Bristol Energy

Switch your electicity and gas today quoting BPOUND001 and Bristol Energy will give you £B20 (or £B10 for one fuel). PLUS Bristol Energy will give Bristol Pound CIC £B10 too (or £B5 for one fuel), so you're suporting your currency even more!

Click here to switch or call Bristol Energy on 0808 281 2222.

Paying your bills in Bristol Pounds

Setting up regular payments to Bristol Energy in Bristol Pounds is pretty darn easy. Here's a handy guide to help you set it up: Bristol Pound User Guide. If you have any trouble at all, give us a ring on 0117 929 8641 and we can talk you through it - we like helping people use Bristol Pounds, it's what we do.

  • Please note: When paying in Bristol Pounds you need to select “Pay On Receipt Of Bill” as a payment method.

So, call or click now to switch suppliers to Bristol Energy, and then set up regular payments to pay your bills in Bristol Pounds.

Let's reinvest in the city we love.