Data Protection Policy


Bristol Pound CIC: Data Protection Policy


1. Introduction.

We are committed to improving the ease of use of the Bristol Pound and want to make the services you receive as good as they can be. To do this, we need to collect and use personal information about individuals and businesses we provide services for, and other organisations we have contact with.


2. Data Controller and Data Processor.

We manage the Bristol Pound scheme in partnership with Bristol Credit Union. We are the Data Controller for information that we collect or are provided with by Bristol Credit Union (where you open a Bristol Pound account) in order to ensure the smooth running of the scheme, as set out below in the rest of this Data Protection Policy. We can be contacted using the details at the end of this notice.

Bristol Credit Union are the Data Controller for Bristol Pound accounts, and you should refer to them for further information about how they collect and manage information for the purposes of providing Bristol Pound accounts. We provide some services to Bristol Credit Union, including managing the infrastructure that enables digital payments to be made, and we are therefore also a Data Processor for Bristol Credit Union in that context only.


3. Personal information that we collect.

The type of personal information that we collect and use include: full name, address, phone number and e-mail address. The legal basis for processing are consent (for non-essential communications) and legitimate interests (for communications concerning functioning of the scheme).


4. Where does your personal information come from?

Your personal information was provided by you when you registered an interest in the scheme either by opening an account or by providing your details for marketing purposes.


5. What do we do with your personal information?

We will use this personal information to contact you about the Bristol Pound scheme and services related to its delivery. This may be by phone, post, email or text message. You will always have the option to opt out of non-essential communications, request an overview of your personal data, or to have your information erased from our records. We may also use the information to prepare statistics and for research. If the research is by external organisations such as an academic institution your data will be anonymised.


6. How long will we keep your personal information for?

We will not keep your personal data for longer than necessary under the legal basis for processing.


7. Sharing your personal information with other parties.

We will not share your personal data for commercial purposes – for example, we will not sell your data to third parties or pass on your personal details to any third party (except Bristol Credit Union for the purposes of administering the scheme) unless legally obliged to do so.


8. Accessing and updating your personal information.

  • You have the right to ask what personal information is held about you and be provided with a copy.
  • If any of the information we hold is incorrect we will correct it at your request.
  • You can ask for us to delete the personal information concerning you that we hold from our records.
  • You can withdraw your consent to how your personal information is being processed where that processing is based on your consent at any time.
  • You can request that your data is sent to you or another organisation in a computer readable format.

In respect of all of the above options you should contact us using the details at the end of this notice.


9. Information used when applying for Bristol Pound lending

When you apply for a loan we collect information to make sure we can fairly assess your application. We will share this information with third party Credit Reference Agencies. See below for details.


Loan Application form

When you apply for a loan we will ask for the following information:

  • Contact details
  • Company registration number
  • Breakdown of how you intend the loan funds to be spent

We retain a record that a loan application was made and the outcome of the application.


Sharing your information with Credit Reference Agencies

When you apply for a loan we share your information with licensed Credit Reference Agencies and they share their information about you with us. We continue to share information with them about the running of your account while you have a credit agreement with us, or while any amount remains outstanding, including after we have issued a Default against you should that be necessary.

They may retain information for up to 6 years after any credit agreement between us has ended. When we share this information all parties conform to industry standards.

Credit Reference Agencies also share information about people with many financial organisations.

For more information about how Credit Reference Agencies share information, see the Credit Reference Agency Information Notice which can be found here


If your loan application is rejected or when you have fully repaid your loan

We are obliged to keep your records, including your financial information, for up to a further seven years to fulfil our legal and regulatory obligations, and any business record retention requirements. Your records will continue to be private and confidential and handled in line with this Data Protection Policy.

If you applied for, but were not issued with a loan then we will retain the full application details for up to three years in order to prevent fraud and other financial crime, and to help us to make decisions on any future application(s). We will retain a record that you applied for a loan, the amount that you applied for and the outcome of the application for as long as you remain a member of Bristol Pound..


10. Complaints

If you are unhappy with how we are using your personal information you have the right to lodge a complaint with The Information Commissioner’s Office at


11. What we ask of you.

Please give us accurate information and tell us as soon as possible about any changes to your personal information. Please tell us if you notice mistakes or inaccuracies in the information we have about you, as this helps us keep our information reliable and up-to-date.


12. Contact us.

To contact us concerning any of the matters in this notice, or to opt out of any e-communications such as a newsletter or other marketing communications, please email [email protected] or write to Bristol Pound CIC at Room 111 Corn Exchange, Corn St, Bristol BS1 1JQ.