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Fulcrum House, 3 Grove Road, Redland, Bristol, BS6 6UJ
0117 953 7772
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When we are struggling with our lives, for whatever reason, it has been found that sharing the experience with a person who is responsive to us, without judgement, helps us gain much needed relief and clarity. 

Core Process Psychotherapy places the therapeutic relationship at the heart of healing. The approach's central premise is based on the notion that at the centre of all our experience, there is a 'core' which is inherently healthy and peaceful, even when all around us and in us, is in turmoil. 

It is through working alongside the therapist that we realise that the 'core' can be discovered as present wihin us, and therefore accessible to us simply through exploring ourselves. In this way a path can be found back to a deeper sense of what it is to be alive as we transform and find peace and strength. 

I have worked therapeutically with people for over twenty years as a NHS practitioner. I am a qualified and accredited Speech & Language Therapist (MRCSLT), Dance Movement Psychotherapist (RADMP) and am working towards full accreditation (UKCP) in Core Process Psychotherapy.

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