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I have huge trust that everyone is truly OK, strong, capable, peaceful, loving and lovable. Both with individuals and with couples, the key to moving forward is the same. It is to re-connect with, or discover for the very first time, that inner treasury of love and OK-ness.

Not every relationship can or should be saved. But many couples drown un-necessarily. They are in shallow water, close to the shore, but they don't know how to swim.

So, how to learn to swim? With couples I begin with a method called Solution-oriented counselling/coaching. This is is a positive and future-oriented method, no blame, no attack. It is ideal for shifting communication from hurtful or frustrating to understanding and loving.  

I also work with shadow, projections, childhodd hurt and family constellations, again in a positively healing way.

Everyone has many questions. The simplest way to get those answered is just to drop round and have a chat and find how I work and if you can work with me.  Generally it takes about half an hour; there's no charge for that and no obligation.


Opening Hours: Appointments available within the hours Monday - Thursday 10:30 am - 9:30 pm, Friday 10:30 - 7:00 pm. Not weekends.