The Pickled Brisket

Unit 2, CARGO 2, Wapping Wharf, BS1 6ZA
Free can of drink

Free drink when you order a Bullhorn with Cheese

If you order a Bullhorn with Cheese at any of our markets and pay with Bristol pounds you get a free can of drink.

The Pickled Brisket is a Salt Beef Bar trading at streetfood markets and events in Bristol and the South West. We make a selection of hot salt beef sandwiches or platters. We even do a veggie version.

All our beef is from 100% native British breeds, farmed on Somerset pastures within the West Country Beef PGI area. It is brined by hand for two weeks and then cooked overnight to produce succulent tasty salt beef. Our bread is handmade by a local, family bakery using traditional techniques. We offer a choice of rye sandwiches or brioche rolls plus various specials. We keep our menu simple with a few variations on the classic salt beef sandwich.