Paying your Energy Bills

By paying your energy bills in Bristol Pounds, you are tying energy companies back into the community they serve. These two energy companies respend their Bristol Pounds into the Bristol economy.

Here's Hannah to show you how to set up regualr payments.

To make regular payments to an energy supplier.

  1. Login to your Bristol Pound account (See here if you need help).
  2. Click on the Banking tab and choose Member Payment to set up an online payment.
  3. In the username field type Good Energy or Bristol Energy
  4. Enter the Amount you wish to pay for each occurrence.
  5. For Scheduling choose Recurring payments
  6. Set the First occurrence as a Future date and choose the date of the payment (e.g. 1st March 2017)
  7. Set Process until to A fixed number of occurrences and enter how many payments you would like to make or select being manually cancelled
  8. Set Process every to 1 Months to process the payment on the same date each month for the set number of occurrences
  9. Enter your BCC Council Tax Acct No: your 11 digit account number found in the top left of you bill
  10. Add a Description if you wish (e.g. Council Tax for next 3 months)
  11. Click Submit. You will be shown the details of the payments you are setting-up. If there is something you wish to change click Back. If all the details are correct and you wish to proceed, click Submit.

If it is part way through the year, just set up your regular payments for the remainder of the council tax year and amend the number of occurrences to suit.


Choosing a Bristol Pound energy supplier

There are currently two energy providers who accept Bristol Pounds for payment: Good Energy and Bristol Energy. Both operate incentive schemes for switching to them and both have strong ethical ethos's:

Read about Good Energy

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