July Business Breakfast

When: Thursday 18th July at 8.15am -9.30am

Where: Bowl of Plenty, Colston Hall

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This Breakfast will see the launch of a change in direction for Bristol Pound as we reposition ourselves as Bristol's best business network. We'll be giving a sneak preview of our fantastic new branding and we'll be launching a range of new services designed to help Bristol's independent businesses.

Over the past few months a collaborative project between Bristol Pound and University of Bristol has sought to find out what Bristol Pound needs to do to establish itself as Bristol's best business network. At this breakfast, you'll hear from researcher Dr Thomas Sealy as he explains how interviews with business owners across Bristol have helped to inform him on the services and features that are needed to make a valued business network.

Thomas' presentation will reflect on the purpose of the study and some of its major findings. This research will help guide Bristol Pound towards becoming the best business network for Bristol's independent sector.

You'll also hear from Mike - maker of flavoursome, authentic nut butters "without the faff". Mike runs Nutcessity, a nut butter company providing a range of tasty treats, all made by Mike in his kitchen. He'll tell us his Business Story and about his new partnership with FRANK Water.

Bristol Pound is not just your local currency, it's a network of Bristol's best independent businesses - a network we can all benefit from. At this breakfast we invite you to get together, share information, promote your business and get to know Bristol's most interesting traders (yes that includes you!).