£B Outreach Day on (or around) Saturday 7th September

Bristol Pound has re-branded!

We need your help in replacing the outdated 'We do text to pay' stickers with our shiny new '£B Welcome Here' stickers.

Any help you give will make a big impact on showing Bristol that Bristol Pound has a fresh look and a fresh approach.

We'll provide you with stickers, leaflets and a list of businesses in your area.

Can you lend a hand? If so, please use this form to let us know how.

Bristol Pound Business Social and Celebration Event - Wednesday 25th September

Celebrate Bristol Pound's 7th Birthday! Meet other Bristol Pound businesses and find out about our exciting new crowdfunding project.

Wednesday 25th September 5pm-8pm.

Triodos Bank, The Foundation, Lower Ground Floor, St George’s Road, Bristol BS1 5BE

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