Thu, 27th Apr 2017

For People, Not Banks

A talk and discussion with the Bristol Pound  
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Where: Easton Community Center, Kilburn St, Bristol BS5 6AW 
When: 7 - 8pm  

The financial crisis in 2008 brought our economy to its knees, but how many of us actually understand what money is, where it comes from and why sometimes there’s not enough of it to go around?

As the UK economy transforms into a tool to support large multi-national corporations and distant shareholders, the growth of alternative economics becomes ever more important. Alternative currencies work to keep wealth circulating inside our cities and towns, benefitting the people who live in the community and not the banks who profit there. In doing this, we can stimulate jobs, reduce carbon emissions and create a greener, fairer and stronger local economy.

Join Ruby and Laurie from the Bristol Pound, for a short talk introducing our problematic financial system and the alternatives currencies working to overcome this. 

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