Thu, 22nd Feb 2018

Members' Meetup

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This second members’ meeting will build on the work in the first meeting, while introducing business members' experiences of using the currency.

Have a read of Ruby’s blog of the first meeting here

Why are members meeting up?
Local currency is a movement: the members’ meetup is a space to build up momentum and create action for real, economic change. The Bristol Pound has a strong reputation in the alternative currency world: a functioning online banking platform, slick new mobile app and beautiful notes designed by local people. Hundreds of people have taken the Bristol Pound into their hearts, purses and wallets, but we have not yet reached the critical mass needed to secure it’s future in the city and make it a sustainable alternative to sterling.

The meeting on 17th January flew by, so we’ve extended this next one to two hours. We’ll load the important stuff at the beginning in case people can’t stick around for the whole thing. These are some items we’ll cover in the meetup:

Talk from business members
We’ll be inviting two business members to talk about their experiences accepting the Bristol Pound. One who the Bristol Pound is working well for, and one for whom it is not. We’ll update with more information on this later.

Open space workgroups
We’ll build on the work of the last meetup which focused on inclusivity. We had some useful action points on projects members can take forward, which mostly had a dependency on first conducting a listening exercise to determine which communities to focus on: how to understand their needs, how to engage them and how to use Bristol Pound as a tool to address their issues. Read a blog on the January meetup.

A platform for collaboration – Loomio
Many of us want to continue conversations and planning projects outside the members’ meetings. For this, we need an online communication platform and so have created a Loomio group. We'll give a short talk on why we have chosen this platform and how to use it. Everyone who has attended members’ meetings will be invited. If you would like to be added click here

Plus, we’ll be treating the members’ group to a cheeky preview of some of the design competition artwork(!), as the deadline for submissions is 5.30pm. (We’ve already received some and they’re fab!)

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