How it works for farms

What is Farmlink?

Farmlink is a special initiative, offered for free by the Bristol Pound, to support independent primary producers, with the objective of bringing more staple foods and other primary products into Bristol from the surrounding region. Through the growing network of Bristol Pound businesses, we aim to help primary producers find new outlets for their produce within the city. The scheme is not-for-profit, and reflects the wider aims of the Bristol Pound of which Farmlink is a part.



Why should I join?

• You’ll be included in the Farmlink ‘matchmaking’ service. We work directly with individual £B businesses to shift their sourcing to local Farmlink producers.

• You’ll have direct access to new customers, with people and businesses in Bristol actively looking to spend their Bristol Pounds with local producers.

• You’ll have the option to be part of the Good Food Charter, a scheme in development that supports producers within and around Bristol through enabling them to make their distinctive values and selling point more visible.

• The strong and trusted branding of the Bristol Pound and the Good Food Charter will help distinguish your business as a valued local enterprise.


Why are there special terms for Farmlink members?

The purpose of the £B scheme is to improve economic, social and environmental conditions of the Bristol city region through increased spending in the independent sector. Encouraging more local primary produce into Bristol through Farmlink is a key priority of £B - a strong production network of food, energy/fuel, building and other materials is a core part of a healthy economy.

£B account holders want better access to locally sourced products, our objective through Farmlink is to increase direct access and engagement.

Good Food Charter

Farmlink supports the Bristol Good Food Plan, a project aiming to increase food resilience in Bristol. By signing up to the Good Food Charter when you become an £B and Farmlink member, you will have the opportunity to make visible your contributions to good food in Bristol and use the powerful branding of the Good Food Charter to distinguish your business as a valued local enterprise and compete with national and multinational businesses.

Who qualifies?

Farmlink is open to primary producers based within 50 miles of the City of Bristol. Business of all sizes, including individuals, producing goods such as fruit and vegetables, dairy, grain, meat and fish are eligible. Timber and other forestry products such as coppice, wild fruits, nuts and game also qualify. Qualifying businesses may have linked activities, producing secondary (processed) products e.g. cheese, sausages, building materials, bio-fuels etc.

What if I canʼt spend £B?

Farmlink membership means you can spend £B with every other member business via an online account, mobile phone sms texts or using the paper pounds in circulation. If you do want to change the £B to sterling, itʼs quick and easy to do from your online account, at no cost.

When and how can I join the scheme?

To register your business for a Bristol Pound account, click here:

You can get in touch now by calling us on 0117 929 8642 or email

The sooner you get in touch the more we can help you promote your products and services in and around the city.

FarmLink Initiative Testimonials

Chris Welsh with Chestnut Farm Eggs

"Having joined the Bristol Pound Sophia asked me if there was anything I would like sourcing for the cafe locally. I said that I was really on the look out for proper free range eggs laid locally. Within a week she had hooked me up with Jo from Chestnut Farm who arrived with two trays of freshly laid that morning eggs for me to try. Amazing!"

Chris Welsh, Workhouse Cafe


"By joining Farmlink we very quickly got a new customer in the form of The Workhouse Cafe run by Chris. He was very pleased with our prompt delivery of eggs that were 24 hrs old - very fresh! And our commitment to supplying him. This is a excellent way to put local producers in touch with local customers cutting out middle men food miles and reducing the carbon footprint."

Jo Poole, Chestnut Farm Eggs