Get Paid in £Bs!

Anyone can be paid in Bristol Pounds; request to have part or all of your salary, from any employer, paid electronically into your online Bristol Pound account.

Download: £B Payroll for Employers


Getting paid in £Bs couldn't be easier.  Simply open your £B account, make the request to your employer, then take advantage of this great way to keep your account topped up and ready to use! And you can specify the exact your amount of £Bs you'd like to receive as part of your wage.

1.   Set up your £B account with the Bristol Credit Union

2.  Fill in the Payroll Mandate Form stating how much of your salary you would like to receive into your £B account and submit it to your employer's payroll department.

3.  Spend with independent and local businesses confident your £B balance is healthy! 


Simply send the requested part of your employees salary electronically to their £B account, held by the Bristol Credit Union, using their unique reference number.

A great way to demonstrate your support of independent local business and resilience in Bristol's economy and community.

Contact us or the Bristol Credit Union to get started:

Bristol Pound:    0117 929 8642