Support the local economy and renewable energy by paying your Good Energy bills with Bristol Pounds!

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Good Energy, a 100% renewable energy company based in the South West, accept payments in Bristol Pounds for electricity and gas.

Why is this good news? By paying your Good Energy bill in Bristol Pounds you limit your carbon footprint and support Bristol's economy at the same time! Good Energy committed to respending the Bristol Pounds in the local economy.

Who are Good Energy? As a UK based company using 100% renewable electricity from British sunshine, wind and rain Good Energy offer a greener alternative to the standard suppliers for homes and businesses. Good Energy also supply gas and support small, independent generators.

They've also been consistently ranked within the top of the table for the ‘Which? energy company customer satisfaction survey’ over the past 4 years. And also been voted top of the last two Money Saving Expert customer service polls for energy suppliers. So their customer service must be brilliant. Last but not least Good Energy are cheaper on average than the 'Big Six' standard tariffs.

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How to switch to Good Energy?

Switch today quoting ‘Bristol Pound’ and Good Energy will give you £B25 to spend at your favourite local shops. PLUS Good Energy will give Bristol Pound CIC £B25 too, so you're suporting your currency even more!

Click here to switch or call Good Energy on 0800 254 0000.