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Hannah Currant – my business story

We had the pleasure of meeting with skilled Shiatsu practitioner Hannah Currant to discover her business story and why she has decided to become our newest Bristol Pound member!

Hi Hannah! Please tell us what you do and why?

I am a Shiatsu and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping) practitioner, and workshop facilitator.
I discovered Shiatsu at the turn of the millennium, I was looking to train in something more practical than the contemporary art degree I had recently gained. I didn’t even know what Shiatsu was – beyond ‘acupuncture without needles’ – but as soon as I joined the introductory training I knew it was for me. I absolutely fell in love with it and have LOVED every second of my Shiatsu journey since! Nothing fills me with such peace, joy and satisfaction as giving Shiatsu; except receiving it of course! I also trained as an EFT practitioner (emotional Freedom technique or “tapping”) which is an amazing tool I offer my clients alongside Shiatsu, which gets incredible results.

How did Bristol become your home?

I moved here after doing reconciliation work with children in Bosnia after the war there, and apart from a slight distraction with New Zealand for a few years, have lived here ever since. I love the proximity to the great outdoors, my home-turf of Devon, Wales and the Cotswolds, and the richness of opportunity, creativity and diversity here without the overwhelm of a huge city.

What do you love about Bristol? And what do you love about your job?

SO much! Bristol is constantly offering up surprises, be it from great vistas of the fields beyond from the heart of the city, or to bumping into long lost friends in new little coffee shops tucked into corners, and the wealth of sustainable and alternative thinking and creative opportunities that exist here.

As to my job, well, who else can say that they love every minute of it? I love connecting with people and supporting them to discover parts of themselves they’ve lost touch with, a deep peace, a renewed energy and vigour for life, or just a different and more open perspective than the one they arrived with. Shiatsu works on so many different levels, it’s such a privilege to work with people and their bodies in this way, and help people navigate through poor health or emotional difficulties through the power of touch, using the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine.

How did you start your business?

With passion and commitment.

How do you keep it going?

See above!

What’s your favourite thing about running an independent business?

Being my own Boss.

What are the challenges?

Being my own Boss! And it can become quite isolating at times, so I like to get out and about and work form different places, and make the most of all the opportunities Bristol has on offer!

What made you sign up to accept Bristol Pounds? What do you like about the scheme?

To me it is all about supporting other local businesses like my own. It speaks to my sensibilities around sustainability and independence, and to step out and beyond the big corporate we can so easily get caught up in. I’m looking forward to using the App, which I’ve just downloaded to discover more places I can spend £B.

What are your interactions like with Bristol Pound customers?

Lovely! I think there’s a level of appreciation for the small and significant that comes with a Bristol Pound customer. A genuine appreciation and support for local independents, and perhaps what it takes to run your own business that is shared through the use of the Bristol Pound.

What are your favourite places/shops/restaurants/etc in Bristol and why?

The Lido [£B] is my “go to” for an unwind. I treated myself to membership when I was working with cancer patients for Penny Brohn UK as I knew that I really needed to give myself some self-care to replenish, and the lido at night is just the most serene place!

I love Cargo down at Wapping Warf and the plethora of eateries there. It’s totally brought to life that area. I love taking guests to the city down there for a bite at Cantinas or grabbing a takeaway box from the Greek place (The Athenian) and sitting on the water’s edge at sunset watching the world go by.

I also enjoy a meander up Gloucester Road or down North Street, the Tobacco Factory [£B] market is always a great start to a weekend day, so many great independents to enjoy pottering around, and I love having a poke about on Colston Street in ‘Makers’ [£B] and ‘Flux’ and ‘Blaze’ and all those fab little places showcasing local artists at affordable prices.

I’ve just discovered Resbite a fantastic little café next to the Palestine Museum offering loads of community activities as well as plant based fantastic food.

My favourite breakfast has to be at Eat Your Greens on the Wells Road. They pour so much love and care into the food there it shows in every bite!

But it’s not all about eating! I love being able to whizz about on my bike and be out into the countryside in moments from my home in South Bristol.

Where can we find you around the internet?

On my website. Also, I’ve started a new meetups group for people interested in EFT, where I run a short workshop each month on a different aspect of things we can get stuck with. The next one is EFT for pain relief on the 22nd of May, followed by a fear of flying and other phobias at the end of June (just in time for the summer holidays!) – you can book directly with me using Bristol Pounds.

Do you have any special offers for Bristol Pound customers? Or any other offers on at the moment?

Bristol Pound customers can get 10% off their first session of EFT or Shiatsu with me. I’m also launching a new short course – Mood and Food with registered nutritionist Emma Dawson, which we can offer £15 off for Bristol Pound customers – but be quick as it starts on the 2nd of May! – more details on my website here.

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