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Jan Erik form Hillside Massage, Bath – My Business Story


We spoke to Jan Erik from hillside massage – a certified masseur and massage therapist working based in Bath. He tells about his interest in healing and nature and why a trip along the river to Bath for a message is definitely worth the effort.


What do you do/sell and why?


I’m Masseur and Massage Therapist offering Deep Tissue Massage, Massage Therapy and other treatments like Indian Head Massage, AromaTouch Massage and Reiki.

I help my clients to address stress, pain issues and other discomforts often manifesting as or deriving from muscular tensions. Other than working and waking the muscles by massaging I usually involve a technique called PNF which utilises neuro-muscular memory to prolong the relaxation period. 


How did you start your business?


I’ve always worked freelance. My background is in photojournalism and I’m also a climbing instructor. The problem is that both of these involved a lot of travelling and when my children came onto this planet I wanted to work close to them, not missing seeing them grow up.

I’ve always been interested in people, sports, the outdoors and natural ways of healing and exploring the world. Massage works for me through intuitive spacial awareness, I try to feel the other person’s body, muscles and moves.


When I found out that I can join with my business in Bath there was no second guessing – the first Bath business! I think it’s close enough and a great bike ride along the river


What do you love about Bristol? And what do you love about your job?


To be perfectly honest, even though I have lived in and around Bath for seven years, Bristol is still a big mystery to me. It’s the right size city for my taste and background and I love most it’s slightly subversive feel, it’s a subculture. The not so shiny corners and events.


I love people. All sorts. And the most giving moments are when clients successfully implement a connection to their bodies, be it exercise, diet or lifestyle, that wasn’t there before we met. When I could help people to help themselves.



What are the pros and cons of running an independent business?


I very much appreciate the personal freedom to make decisions concerning both work and private life, without the politics of rules and regulations. Certainly, there are worries at times. The most challenging bit for me is staying focused on the jobs to be done when working alone. The work around the treatments, admin and promotion. When I get the call I’m there, that’s the easy bit.


What made you sign up to accept Bristol Pounds? What do you like about the scheme?


I’ve been involved with Transition Towns before I came back to England. So the £B has always been close to my heart for that reason. When I found out that I can join with my business in Bath there was no second guessing – the first Bath business! I think it’s close enough and a great bike ride along the river. I  use them mostly with my energy provider Good Energy and my veg growers The Community Farm. 


What are your five favourite places/shops/restaurants/etc in Bristol and why?


I love climbing at The Church in St Werburgh, the city farm cafe there, Arnolfini gallery and bar and Reg the Veg when my box from the Farm gets empty.



Do you have any special offers for Bristol Pound customers? Or any other offers on at the moment? Let us know all the details so we can share!


Yes, with £B or an account, as well as with a Bath Discovery Card, I offer your first treatment with at 20% discount.


Thanks Jan


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