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March 28, 2019
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April 5, 2019

How is the University of Bristol helping £B thrive? …notes from our latest Business Breakfast meetup

March’s business breakfast was kindly sponsored by University of Bristol and featured guest speaker Professor Martin Parker from the Inclusive Economy Institute at University of Bristol. They are currently working on project ‘TILT’, aimed to make our city fairer for everyone. They aim to develop an inclusive and fair low carbon economy by co-producing research with organisations in the Bristol region such as Bristol Pound.

In his presentation Martin explained, “We work with businesses, local and regional government and third sector agencies committed to environmentally sustainable business practices; patterns of employment that reflect the population of the region; localising the economy by shortening supply chains; and fairer and more democratic forms of business ownership and control.”

They also work to understand the forms of governance, finance, technological innovation and economic participation which can tilt the regional economy in the direction of inclusive, equitable and low carbon business ecosystems.

This means developing long term partnerships with large and small businesses, local councils, trade unions and third sector and civil society organizations. Based in a civic university, their work includes considering the role of education and training in challenging current practices and encouraging new ways of thinking and acting.

Professor Martin Parker is currently working with Dr Thomas Sealy on a research project in collaboration with £B into what businesses value in business network membership and how we can add value to becoming a £B business member. We’re excited to hear the outcome of this research and implement its findings into making our network the best it can be for local, independent businesses.

Martin said, “Bristol Pound is an extraordinary experiment. It’s a bet on what we might be able to do if we partly localised our economies and I’m really happy to be helping it thrive. The University of Bristol has responsibilities to the city and region. As an anchor institution, research like this can help us understand how we might change the university, and tilt the economy of the city.”

At our business breakfast we also loved hearing from our business members in their elevator pitches and having lots of time to network and build relationships. Thank you to everyone who came along, we hope you had an interesting and inspiring morning.

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