How it works for business

The Bristol Pound is all about supporting Bristol's independent businesses.

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Benefits of Membership:

1. Attract more custom from people and businesses, receive Bristol Pounds for whole amount of transaction, or alongside sterling payments (Bristol Pound is complementary currency, designed to work alongside sterling, not replace it).

2. Direct access to £B account holders who are actively looking to spend using TXT2PAY or online.

3. Free promotion & marketing via the online directory, print press, facebook, twitter, TV & radio.

4. Manage your directory listing and post special offers for extra exposure and get connected to a growing network of independent businesses.

5. If you do not have a credit/debit card payment facility, the Bristol Pound offers a secure, low cost means of accepting electronic payments by TXT2PAY and online transfer.

6. Strong, trusted branding to compete with national and multi-national competitors.


Bristol Pound TXT2PAY in 30 seconds:



Bristol Pound Online Accounts:

As a Bristol Pound Member your business will have an online account with which you can accept online and TXT2PAY payments from any other member.

Once you have an account you can:

1. Manage your business profile with image, descriptions and keywords on the Bristol Pound online directory.

2. Promote your involvement in the Bristol Pound with our Trader Pack, including window stickers, point-of-sale displays, User Guide and Printed Bristol Pound Security Guide 

3. Manage your account online, print X & Z reports, search transactions by name and/or dates, and make fast, easy and secure payments online.

4. Re-spend the Bristol Pound on business rates, wages, suppliers. Keep £Bs circulating, generate more wealth for Bristol's local economy and independent sector!

Do you trade online? For more information about how use Bristol Pounds for ecommerce, go to: bristolpound/ecommerce. 

Paper Bristol Pounds:

Anyone can get paper Bristol Pounds by dropping in to one of the £B Cash Points (with TXT2PAY) around town, and exchanging £ for £Bs at a rate of 1-1 (Map). These are attractive to tourists, encouraging them to  'buy-in', and enjoy spending the beautiful Bristol Pounds with local independent businesses.

Paper Bristol Pounds work the same way as sterling - businesses can simply accept them in whole or in part payment alongside sterling. Giving Bristol Pounds out in change alongside sterling encourages wider circulation and means you are more likely to keep your customers coming back and spending.

Once businesses open a Bristol Pound account at Bristol Credit Union, they can deposit paper Bristol Pounds into their account at £B Cash Points (with TXT2PAY), and make & receive electronic payments.

For more details download our Paper Bristol Pound Security Guide for either edition of paper Bristol Pounds: (for second edition paper Bristol Pounds 2015) or (for first edition paper Bristol Pounds 2012)


With Bristol Pounds you receive you can:

  • Pay suppliers in Bristol Pounds (online, printed currency or mobile phone payments)
  • Find new local suppliers through the Bristol Pound Online Directory.
  • Pay business rates to Bristol City Council.
  • Pay employees a small portion of their wages in Bristol Pounds.
  • Give paper Bristol Pounds in change alongside sterling (anyone can accept these voluntarily).
  • Exchange Bristol Pounds back into sterling at no cost, if you can’t spend them anywhere else. 

Costs to businesses:

  • Purchase of dedicated mobile phone: est. £15-20 retail price.
  • To receive a payment via online transfer: 1% charge, capped at 95p
  • To receive a payment via TXT2PAY: 2% charge, or minimum charge 10p.
  • Any business wishing to leave the Bristol Pound may do so at any time. Any remaining funds in your Bristol Pound account can be exchanged for sterling

Daily limits on digital spending:

N.B. daily spending limit for TXT2PAY is £B500. Individual to business online payment limit is £B2,500 per day. Business to business online payments limit is £B7,500 per day.

Businesses: Making the most of the Bristol Pound:

For further information, contact our Business Relationship Manager on or 0117 929 8642.