Keeping your account topped up

A vital step in making Bristol Pounds part of your day to day life is keeping your Bristol Pound account topped up. There are several ways to keep your Bristol Pound account topped up:

  • Standing order, online transfers and One-off Transfers from your regular bank account
  • Get your wages paid into your Bristol Pound account
  • Deposit cash or cheques at the Bristol Credit Union

From your bank account

One the simplest ways to get Bristol Pounds is creating a regular payment from your bank account using their online banking system. Set it up to go out on or just after payday. Here's a handy video of Hannah showing you how:

Set up a standing order or one-off Transfer from your sterling bank account to top up your Bristol Pound account using the following details:

  • Account name: Bristol Credit Union
  • Account number: 65330812
  • Sort code: 08-92-99
  • Reference: *****BP (Your personal BCU Member Number +BP, e.g. "56789BP")

Find your BP reference number under 'my profile' on your online banking

All BCU accounts have the same account name, sort code and account number. Your personal reference number pulls your funds into your Bristol Pound account, so don't forget to include it in the reference of your transfer.

Alternativley, complete a standing order mandate and send it by post to the Bristol Credit Union

Please note that the BCU transfers funds twice a day at 11:30 and 3:30, Monday to Friday. Deposits made after 3.30pm will not be in your Bristol Pound account until 11.30am the following working day.


From your wages

You can ask your employer to pay a percentage of your wages straight into your Bristol Pound account. They can join the payroll scheme, or you can ask them to put part of your wages directly into your Bristol Pound account. If your employer is already a Bristol Pound member you can complete a payroll mandate and sent it to the Bristol Credit Union. 

For more information, go to:


Over the counter service at Bristol Credit Union (for cheques or cash)

You can pay cheques and cash into your £B account at the BCU branch at 112 Cheltenham Road, Stokes Croft. You can also send a cheque payable to Bristol Credit Union, 112 Cheltenham Road, Bristol, BS6 5RW. Quote your roll number/reference on the reverse of the cheque.

Please note: allow 10 days for cheques to clear. Sterling deposited before 12pm will be in £B account by 12pm. Any money cashed after 12pm will your £B account the same day, after 3.30pm.


Checking your balance

Text ‘bal’ and your PIN to the Bristol Pound payment number (07441 900 333) to be sent your latest balance or log-in to your online banking