Paying by Text

Paying by text is the easy and fun way to make payments in Bristol Pounds using your phone. All you need is a mobile phone, no wallet required! You don't even need a smartphone.

To pay by text you must first set a security PIN using your online Bristol Pound account.

Set your PIN

If you haven;t set your pin yet:

  • Log in to your account in the top right of the home page
  • Click on My Profile in the top right of the page
  • Click on Change PIN on the left hand side
  • Enter your password and the PIN of your choice. Confirm your PIN and then Submit

Making a text payment

Go to the till as usual and ask to pay by text with Bristol Pounds. Then follow the simple three step procedure below (they should have a poster as above with their business username in the white box)

Step 1
Create a new text message containing the following information with a space between each (text is not case sensitive):

  1. ‘Pay’ (your instruction to make a payment)

  2. Your security PIN, e.g. ‘1234’

  3. The username of the business you wish to pay, e.g. ‘BristolBooks’ (you will see this displayed on the till or near it)

  4. The amount (including pence with a stop between the pounds and pence) e.g. 5.95 or 29.68

Your text should look something like this:

Pay 1234 BristolBooks 5.95

Step 2 Send the text to the Bristol Pound Payment Number: 07491 163 163 (save this number to your phone for easy access each time you want to pay). Your text is effectively an instruction to BCU to move money from your account to the seller's account.

Step 3 Both buyer and seller will receive texts (usually within 5-10 seconds) to confirm that the payment has been made successfully.

That's it! The payment has been made.

Example of the confirmation text you will receive:

“Bristol Pound: You have made a payment of _B 5.95 to member Bristol Books (BristolBooks) Transaction ID: BTL0000001. Your new account balance is _B xx.xx”

If the PIN or other information is entered incorrectly, or if there is insufficient funds to make the payment in the payer’s account, the payment will not be made. If a text payment fails, the payer will receive an associated notification by text saying why the payment has failed.

The maximum value of text payments is £B500 per day.

SECURITY: We strongly recommend you delete all previous payment texts and ensure you keep your phone keypad locked when not in use.

Individuals can also pay other Individual Members by text using these instructions  Please note that the recipient will pay a 2% fee on the payment received.

If you have an Android or Apple smart phone, download the free Bristol Pound App from Google Play or the Apple Store - it makes paying much easier!

Withdrawing Paper Bristol Pounds

Members can withdraw paper Bristol Pounds from any Cash Point Plus. Simply send a text message to the Bristol Pound number using the command exc and the name of the Cash Point. So that's: Exc [space] your pin [space] cashpointname [space] amount

Your text should look like this:

exc 1234 accesscomp 50

Changes to the Bristol Pound Number

PLEASE NOTE There are currently two Bristol Pound text numbers 07441 900 333 and 07491 163 163

The number 07441 900 333 was introduced as the Bristol Pound number in 2017. Shortly after its introduction this number was found to be problematic. Therefore we now have the number 07491 163 163 which is much more reliable.

Loss or theft

  1. If your mobile phone or sim card is lost or stolen, you have an obligation to block your account with your mobile phone network provider and inform Bristol Credit Union by email or via the helpline. You must also block further text payments by logging in to your online account and altering your mobile phone number (e.g. replace the first two digits with 9s) on your ‘My Profile’ page. 
  2. If your membership card is lost or stolen, you have an obligation to inform Bristol Credit Union by email or via the helpline given overleaf.
  3. As a member you undertake to keep all passwords and other information relating to the Bristol Pound private to yourself.

We need to warn you that if you do not follow these loss or theft instructions you shall have no recourse to either Bristol Pound CIC Ltd or Bristol Credit Union in respect of any losses you may suffer as a result.

Helpline for text payments and online account problems

All payment errors related to text payments or online payments will be dealt with by Bristol Credit Union which operates a telephone helpline:

0117 924 7309 (open 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday)