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Support Bristol's independent businesses with every transaction you make

  • Take ownership of the future of the money you earn by taking an ethical decision about how you spend it - your Bristol Pounds will benefit local people again and again as they circulate.
  • Give something back to the city by supporting its independent businesses and safeguarding Bristol’s character.
  • Have a unique shopping or leisure experience by discovering the diversity of the independent sector.
  • Let local businesses know that you care - using the Bristol Pound is a visible way of showing your allegiance.
  • Spend conveniently and securely with our easy to use app.

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When you open a free Bristol Pound account, you can pay for goods by using our app or by transferring sterling into £B paper money.

Joining makes you a member of the movement to localise our money. By having a Bristol Pound account, you have a ready supply of Bristol’s money at your fingertips, and can use your spending to support independent businesses.

First, download the app to sign up, then read our How To guide.

To start spending your Bristol Pounds, browse our directory, explore with the app and find out more about using our cashpoints.

If you are unable to download the app, you can also sign up using the link at the bottom of this page.

"Most of my weekly spend is in Bristol Pounds. For me, it's a really simple way of spending money in line with my values, as localism is very important to me.

The other day I popped into Better Food in St Werburghs, and asked if I could pay in Bristol Pounds, and the man behind the till said "oh it would be a pleasure!" You build a unique relationship with the shop owners."

Natalie - Bristol Pound Member

Bristol Pound accounts are held with Bristol Credit Union

Bristol Pound accounts are held at Bristol Credit Union – a cooperative, non-profit company, and an ethical alternative to banks. We work in partnership to manage accounts, payment services and security for Bristol Pound deposits.

By opening an account you will become a member and get a BCU Share Account, which will always need to have at least £1 as your share in the Credit Union.


The best way to join Bristol Pound is by downloading the app and following the on screen instructions. If you are unable to do this, you can sign up online here.

Please note that to sign up as a student or as somebody who resides outside of the Bristol region, the in app sign up must be used. 

The in app sign up is quicker and easier than the online forms so we recommend you use the app if possible.