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April 27, 2018
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May Member Meetup: Re-imagining Bristol Pound

Date: Thursday 10th May
Time: 18:00 – 20.00
Where: The Snug, Tobacco Factory, Raleigh Road, Bristol BS3 1TF

Come and join the next members meet up at Tobacco Factory on Thursday 10th May.

Once again, we are inviting members and non-members alike to come along to our member meet up, hear about ongoing Bristol Pound projects and get involved in helping our currency to grow.

For this meetup, we have a unique opportunity to hear from from Coco Kanters, Lecturer in Cultural Anthropology at Leiden University. Coco has worked with & studied other complimentary currencies around Europe and has volunteered at Bristol Pound, so she can offer us a fascinating insight into how others are running similar schemes and how Bristol Pound can learn from them.


This is what she hopes to achieve from the meetup:


“The way we organise our economy says something about the relationships, items, and services we value. Money, and how we use it, signals what matters to us. For example, sterling does many things right, but it does not support our community spirit or love for independent businesses. Local currencies are a way to organise the economy differently. The Bristol Pound aims to create a sustainable economy and a circular cash flow for local companies. We focus on plugging the leaks of the regular monetary system.


We are not alone in our efforts: all over Europe similar city-wide or neighbourhood currencies are popping up to support the needs of their communities. Interestingly, they each do so in different ways. What can we learn from the models of other currencies?


With new inspiration from abroad, we will look at our local economy as a puzzle. Which actors are involved in the economic and communal life of Bristol? How do they connect and communicate with each other? How can we design a currency that serves, strengthens or creates these connections best? Join us at this creative meet-up to discover, design, and re-imagine the Bristol Pound!”


So come and join us Thursday 10th May. It’s going to be a good one!



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