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Me and My Bristol Pounds #1 – Veronica Pollard

Without people like you supporting a fairer and more sustainable local economy by spending £B at independent stores, there would be no local currency. We love to hear your opinions, recommendations and ideas as part of our £B local community. So, we’ve been asking our members to fill out a quick interview survey to share their thoughts and tips with other members. Join the conversation here.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Veronica Pollard and I’m an Alexander Technique teacher. I work from my home practice in Southville and will give talks and demonstrations to businesses and workplaces.


What is your favourite local cafe in Bristol? What makes it special?

My favourite local cafe is at The Watershed. What makes it special is that i’m usually there before or after seeing a film, so there’s either a sense of excitement or a lot to talk about! I also like that they have very nice gluten free cakes.

What is your favourite independent shop in Bristol and why?

My favourite independent shop is The Better Food Company at Wapping Wharf. It is my corner shop and has very friendly staff and lots of offers, that make it just about affordable! They also sell an amazing array of organic chocolate.

What is the most unusual or surprising way you have been able to use £B? Tell us the story.

I paid for a bus ticket and the surprise of the bus driver was funny. I don’t think he’d had a passenger pay this way before!

What does your local community and high street mean to you?

My local community and high street is the lifeblood of the area. Going into local shops on North St is such a pleasure as they are all unique and personal. Zero Green is always full of happy people filling jars and bottles and chatting with each other. The deli is a foodies paradise and Mark’s Bread/Bakery is a temptation easily satisfied.

Why is it important to you to use Bristol Pounds?

I like to spend my food money at least, in local shops so that they can thrive and so that the money I spend stays in Bristol.

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