Meet the new Bristol Pound artists 9/9: Elaine Greig
July 4, 2018
Our new paper pound launch party – thank you
July 17, 2018

Meet the new Bristol Pounds!

We’re thrilled to unveil the brand new third edition of the Bristol Pound with beautiful new designs by Marta Zubieta, Kesdraws, Radley Cook, Emma Burleigh, Kiwani Dolean, Stella Holmes, George Mcguigan, Elaine Grieg and Mary Collett read our interviews with each artist here.

Get your hands on the new money by visiting one of our Cashpoints – you can use our paper pounds alongside sterling at all the businesses listed in our directory, keeping money in the city, supporting local enterprise and feeding Bristol families.

The launch of the new paper money is just the start of a 5 month phasing out period for the current edition – read on for all the key dates for your diary.

Information on the new paper money:
The Bank of England stipulate that any cash used as part of a local currency must have an expiry date, and the current edition of our paper pounds expires on 30th September 2018.

Key Dates:

5th July 2018 – the third edition of the paper pound comes into circulation with eight beautiful new designs. From this date you can either exchange your “old” notes for new ones in our Cashpoints or continue to spend them as usual.

30th September 2018 – the retirement date. From this date you can no longer spend the “old” notes with businesses, but you can still exchange them one-for-one for new edition notes at the Cashpoints or pay them in to your Bristol Pound account at the Bristol Credit Union.

31st December 2018 – that’s all, folks! From this date onwards you cannot spend or exchange your “old” paper Bristol Pounds.

We love Bristol and so does Gromit!





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