Member meet up – Agenda
Bristol Pound: Champion of Independent Businesses

Thursday 12 April, 6 – 8pm

In this member meet up, our new Membership Manager will be taking the reigns and laying out a theme focusing on supporting businesses to accept Bristol Pounds. Ian has come to us from a background working with independent businesses in the city, with Essential Trading and with a wholefoods marketing company.

What ideas can we champion to plug the gaps in our support for businesses and our supply chain network?

6:00        Introduction
Let’s find out who everyone is!

6:15       Ian Madle, Essential Trading
Ian will introduce himself as the new membership manager and talk about his experience working with Essential Trading wholesalers. Ian will introduce the topic for this member meet up; the problem with business to business spending. He will speak about the flow of Bristol Pounds and where they are going once they have been spent with a local business. What can we do to introduce more business to business spending? Essential Trading are an important piece in the flow of Bristol Pounds. Is there potential for other businesses in the city to occupy similar positions in the Bristol Pound economy?

6:25        Open Space
In this section the conversation is handed to the floor. We will pull through previous discussion topics, and ask you to throw some new ones in to the mix. Remember, we want to derive 3 points from these discussions:

  1. Main topic discussed
  2. Main point made
  3. Action to take forward


Members Roadshow
Members previously suggested setting up stall in some Bristol Pound businesses to focus on areas in the city where we’d like to recruit more members.

Plugging the wholesalers hole

We need to strengthen our supply chains and give businesses more options for local procurement. Who should we be approaching and how?

Engaging with students
Some great work has already started developing here, including relationship building with Bristol University Student Unions and some contacts gained through the note design competition. With the note design launch in September, how can we build on this momentum?

Our offer to businesses

Do businesses need more of an intrinsic incentive to use the Bristol Pound and if so, what can we offer them? How can we make it easier and more beneficial for businesses to use their local currency?

Any more from the floor?
And don’t forget, you can host a topic on any idea or problem you want to discuss!


7:30        Rounding up our points
Each group should take us through their 3 main points and we can discuss how to take these ideas forward


7:50        Date of next meeting
Should we change the time, location?