New Bristol Pounds

The #NewBristolPounds are available from £B Cash Points. With £B800,000 spent in the first two and a half years of the Bristol Pound, we cannot wait to see how many of these new paper £Bs will be swapped for sterling and used to support local, independent businesses. 

The paper Bristol Pounds are accompanied by Terms & Conditions and Security Guide for security features.

Old paper Bristol Pounds

Old Bristol Pounds have now expired

The old paper Bristol Pounds can no longer be accepted as payment by traders. Until 30th December 2015, the old paper Bristol Pounds can be exchanged for new at £B Cash Points. From 2016 they will be invalid, so get spending them! Click here for a list of businesses accepting Bristol Pounds. 

This means that there is a limited number of first edition £B souvenirs (unissued paper £Bs). Please visit our shop here to purchase some; where you can also buy new £B souvenirs.

New Bristol Pounds

Theme: Bristol Green Capital

£B1 front:

Susan Taylor

Title: “Bristol Wildlife”

Depiction: "Susan has researched the common and the perhaps less well known wildlife that live in our city, and placed them inside an aerial map of the centre. If you look closely you might spot Bristol's very own crocodile!

Susan set up her design studio creating typographical giftware in 2007 after a career in Graphic Design. She fuses digital illustration with experimental typefaces to create her designs. Her passion for graphic design is evident – typography, iconography, bold swathes of colour and strong structural layout are consistent in her work.

Twitter: @susantaylortype

£B1 hologram

Artist: Tom McCarthaigh

Title: 'Silky Wave Moth'

Depiction: The Silky Wave Moth (Idaea dilutaria) is a rare species of moth in the UK only found in Avon Gorge, the Gower in South Wales and the Great Orme in North Wales.

Bio: Tom McCarthaigh uses pencil and pen to create his unusual imagery. He loves organic forms and flowing formations.

£B1 back:

Zoë Power
Title: Vélo!

Zoë's design for the Bristol Pound features a fierce femme racing through the city - bicycles and feminism are underlying themes in her work. The design is colourful and imaginative, emanating a sense of fun and freedom that the bicycle often inspires.

Zoë Power is a Bristol based illustrator and signwriter. Her work is bold and lighthearted, focusing on community, bicycles and feminism. She is working on murals, signs and 'Babes on Bikes' – a full length colouring book, celebrating a love for bikes and all the babes that ride them!

Twitter: @zoepowpower


Theme: Art & Culture

£B5 front:

Artist: Yoshino Shighara

Title: Aye-Aye

Depiction: “Aye Aye”, a highly endangered nocturnal lemur from Madagascar, exploring Totterdown.

Bio: Yoshino was born and raised in Japan. She moved to Bristol in 2002 and started working as a illustrator/video maker after studied Media at UWE. She plays keyboard and percussion in a Bristol based band 'Zun Zun Egui' and designed their first album and EP covers.

Twitter: @Yoshinoshigi


£B5 back:

Artist: Stewy

Bristol Faces

Depiction: A collection of famous people either born in Bristol or famous for their work in Bristol: DJ Derek, J.K. Rowling, Robert Wyatt (of Soft Machine), Blackbeard, Tony Benn, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Tricky, Elizabeth Blackwell M.D., Banksy, Alfred the Gorilla, Colin Pillinger CBE, Claudia Fragapane.

Bio: Biography Stewy is a stencil based street artist creating a library of life size, hand cut stencils, based in Bristol but found in many different locations across the UK. Stewy is currently working on a series psychogeographically placed British icons and a series A to Z animals around the UK.


Twitter: @stewystencils


£B10 Theme: Community and Diversity

£B10 front

Artist: Ink pen portrait by Juraj Prodaj

Title: Annie Kenney

Depiction: A portrayal of Annie Kenney, a leading suffragette and member of the Women’s Social & Political Union (WSPU), based in Bristol from 1907 until 1911 to set up the Bristol branch of the WSPU. A blue plaque is placed on her former address of 23 Gordon’s Road in Clifton.

The background image is taken from “Votes for Women” by Hilda Dallas of the WSPU.

Bio: Juraj Prodaj is Bristol based artist specialising in painting on wood. Between 1997 and 2004 Juraj worked and lived in Italy, Israel and Colorado where he was educated in fine art at the Arapahoe Community College in Denver. The main theme for Juraj's pictures are portraits, architecture and patterns.


Twitter: @JProdajArt


£B10 hologram:

Artist: Danny Bird

Title: Virtute et Industria

Depiction: The unicorn is an old symbol of Bristol, featuring prominently within the city's heraldry. The inspiration behind this design came from the gilt unicorns on top of City Hall. Due to its mythic status, the creature serves as a timeless and versatile metaphor, reflecting the many idiosyncrasies of our diverse city.

Bio: Danny Bird was born and raised in Bristol and has had a lifelong fascination with history, politics and culture. A History graduate of the University of Sheffield, Danny is not a professional artist but has always been enthusiastic about art and was keen to combine his passions by entering the competition.

£B10 back:

Artist: Luke Carter

Title: No Colour Bar

Depiction: A celebration of the successful Bristol bus boycott of 1963, led by Paul Stephenson OBE, and others.

Bio: Luke Carter is a Bristol based illustrator and 2015 graduate of the UWE illustration degree programme. Working primarily in relief print, particularly lino cut, he enjoys creating work with social, political and historical themes.


Twitter: @Linoprint_luke


Theme: Innovation and Technology

£B20 front:

The Orca Design Co.

Depiction: ''We wanted to design something super fun and instantly recognisable, based around the given theme of Science and Innovation. Together, our director Joel and our intern Yee, focused on highlighting Bristol’s brilliancy and showcasing the area as a forward thinking City.''

Bio: Founded in Bristol in 2010, The Orca Design Co is a graphic design agency, specialising in bespoke typography, illustration, branding and design for print and web. Orca Design accept Bristol Pounds and offers 10% discount to all £B users.


Twitter: @onlyorca


£B20 Hologram

Artist: Gaby Selby

Depiction: Bristol Circuit Map, Queen's Square microchip

Bio: Gaby moved to Bristol in 2006 to study illustration at UWE. Since graduating he has worked as a freelance illustrator for many local clients such as Circomedia, Bristol City Council and Tangent Books, as well as a barman at a fair few pubs.

School’s category winner

£B20 back:

Kara Backes

Title: Bristol holding hands

Depiction: A collection of people from different backgrounds in Bristol holding hands. It is her interpretation of diversity and community, and inspired by the colours of the houses in Totterdown.

Bio: Kara Backes is a 6 year old school pupil at Waycroft Academy in Stockwood. Hers is the winning entry from the School’s Competition to design the new Bristol Pound.