Posted 03/12/2012

At-Bristol Becomes First Visitor Attraction to Accept Bristol Pounds

From today, At-Bristol science centre - one of Bristol’s most famous destinations - will be accepting Bristol Pounds. Since its launch two months ago, uptake for the local currency has risen steadily, with over 500 businesses accepting Bristol Pound paper money and rapid growth in sms text payments, TXT2PAY, which works on any type of mobile phone. At-Bristol’s membership marks another milestone for the Bristol Pound, highlighting their use by tourists visiting the City. Through joining At-Bristol are committed to support other independent businesses while a new 0% redemption fee makes it risk free for any businesses changing Bristol Pounds back into sterling.

Ciaran Mundy, Bristol Pound CIC Director said “The Bristol pound is great way for visitors to the city, as well as residents, to discover the best of Bristol. At-Bristol is a fascinating and positive experience: sustainably built, educational and a lot of fun. Today is an exciting day for the Bristol Pound; we’re proud to be working with At-Bristol”.

Donna Speed, Commercial Operations Director for At-Bristol, said: “We really wanted to support the Bristol economy and the Bristol Pound is a key way of being able to do this. As an educational charity who don’t receive government funding, it’s important for us to do what we can to support our local community. We’re really excited to be a part of this significant step in Bristol’s future!”

Anyone can exchange their sterling for beautiful paper Bristol Pounds at six Access Points across town. People can also request them in their change from participating businesses. The TXT2PAY service is only available to account holders, all managed by Bristol Credit Union, but the paper Bristol Pounds ensures money spent in the city stays here and helps tourists experience the businesses that create Bristol’s unique character.

Michael Lloyd-Jones, Trader Manager said “Over 70% of retail businesses are independently-owned by local people in Bristol. The Bristol Pound will encourage tourists to explore, and spend money in, the labyrinth of fantastic independent businesses our city has to offer. Our independent sector is a unique and precious resource for Bristol and the Bristol Pound is a tool designed to encourage its continued growth.”