Posted 22/11/2012

St. Nicks traders pay pitch fees in Bristol Pounds.

From the Bristol City Council Press Office:

Mayor of Bristol George Ferguson has given the green light for St Nicholas Market stallholders to pay their pitch fees in Bristol Pounds.

This follows the Mayor’s announcement that he would receive his salary in the popular local currency.

By Christmas market stallholders will be able to pay the city council for their pitches in Bristol Pound notes or online payments.

George Ferguson said: “I am a big supporter of the Bristol Pound and am determined we do all we can to support its development across the city.

“Our thriving markets are seeing huge interest and usage of the currency so allowing traders to pay their pitch fees in the Bristol Pound is a practical way we can help its progress.

“I am a very strong advocate for our independent traders and businesses and as Mayor am committed to helping them flourish and grow. A strong independent retail sector is good for the local supply chain, helps boost new business growth and boosts the city’s economy.”