Posted 20/02/2013

'Bristol Switch & Save' has landed!

The Centre for Sustainable Energy has won funding from the Government to develop a new 'group energy buying scheme' for Bristol households - leading to the creation of the Bristol Switch & Save scheme (S&S). This is a new collective buying scheme, helping Bristol householders and small businesses to save money on their electricity and gas bills. By joining together and negotiating as a group, we aim to get a better deal from the energy market on your behalf. Comparable schemes have saved participants between £150 and £400.

S & S is being run in partnership between The Centre for Sustainable Energy,  Bristol City Council and the Bristol Pound.

1.  We need to 5000 people to have registered interest by 22nd March. To register interest fill out short form on S&S website: or call freephone 0800 082 2234 or email It's quick and the whole scheme is completely free of charge. Mention that you're interested in switching to Good Energy, if that's the case.
2. Then we will take this block of potential 'switchers' to a group of energy suppliers (including Good Energy), who will bid for the groups custom. We will secure the best deal for all.
3. Finally, we will then get back in contact with everyone who has registered interest and present the deal. Participants can either opt in or out at this point. The Energyhelpline will facilitate all switching business.

Bristol Switch & Save is open to any household (or small business on a domestic tariff). We are particularly keen to reach households who haven’t switched energy supplier for some time (if at all), don’t commonly use comparison websites and/or are confused about their options for buying energy. But any household could benefit – and the more people who join in, the greater our buying power on behalf of everyone.

We’re looking into partnering with local green energy supplier Good Energy so you can pay your bills in Bristol Pounds. Not only does all Good Energy’s electricity come from clean, green sources like sunshine, wind and rain, it’s produced by a growing community of independent generators across Britain – 3,500 of which are in the Bristol area – making them a perfect match for us. If you’re interested, let us know by filling in the online form, giving us a call on 0117 929 8642 or by emailing and we’ll let you know how things develop.