Posted 22/02/2013


The Bristol Credit Union has just announced that there is over £B140,000 (140,000 Bristol Pounds) circulating around Bristol - Well done every-one! Electronic Bristol Pounds, for payments made by text and online transfers, account for over half of the total figure.

The figures illustrate the growing uptake of the text-to-pay system. Text-to-pay allows account holders to pay for a wide range of services and goods by sending a simple text message "pay (pin) (trader name) (amount)".   If you haven't joined up yet, individuals and businesses can sign-up for a Bristol Pound account online or by attending one of our sign-up sessions at St Nicks Market 12.30-2pm on Wednesday.

Mike Lloyd-Jones, Bristol Pound Trader Manager, explains "using the £B is a great way to discover new places to shop, to connect with new traders and build a stronger, more diverse High Street. By supporting local traders you are keeping the chain stores out, and creating more choice for consumers in the long run. You're also cutting down on the environmental cost of transporting goods up and down the country."

Thank-you to all the people who have been supporting Bristol's economy by choosing to use £B's - you all deserve a hearty pat on the back!