Posted 06/07/2012

Winning designs unveiled ahead of launch date

In February this year the people of Bristol were invited to help create paper pounds for the Bristol Pound. With a call to budding artists in the South West’s capital, the Bristol Pound launched a competition to find eight designs to be used on each side of the £B1, £B5, £B10 and £B20 paper pounds. Hundreds of entries were received from school children, students, professional designers and amateurs alike.Following a rigorous day of judging by a panel representing the city’s creative community, the winning images have been selected and incorporated along with a number of security features to produce a set of paper pounds Bristol can be proud of.

Each of the winning designs captures something of Bristol’s character, celebrating its commitment to greener living, its cultural diversity, its creative spirit and its technological heritage:

  • ‘Balloons’ by Jemima Blench, 10, of Westbury Park Primary School and ‘Concord’ by local artist Kim Short, will feature on the £B20.
  • ‘Houses’ by Bristol artist Matt Price and ‘Hannah Moore & Bristol Old Vic’ conceived by Anthea Page and designed by Juraj Prodaj, will feature on the £B10.
  • ‘St. Paul's Carnival’ by photographer Mark Simmons and ‘Graffiti tiger’ by Alex Lucas will grace the £B5.
  • ‘Bicycle’ by Bristol illustrator Jethro Brice and a design by Phil West will feature on the £B1.

Currently being produced by a specialist printers, the winning designs will circulate the city in tens of thousands of purses and wallets as Bristolian consumers and businesses buy and sell a diverse range of goods and services.