Posted 20/11/2012

George Ferguson is a huge support for Bristol Pound

Bristol's new Mayor George Ferguson is providing a huge support to Bristol's local economy by receiving all of his salary in Bristol Pounds.

This is great news for local businesses; not only does Bristol now have its own currency but an independent Mayor who is prioritising the local economy.

George wanted to show his support for local businesses, and the Bristol Pound initiative provides the perfect way of taking direct action in keeping money local.

The new Mayor has decided to show his great faith in the Bristol Pound scheme for keeping unique independent businesses thriving in the economic downturn. He believes the Pound helps local businesses to fight against the power and dominance of giant retailers.

He hopes other Councillors will do the same and take the opportunity to support the City in this direct exciting way.

Join George by opening a Bristol account and start spending locally!

You too can choose to receive some of your wages in Bristol Pounds; call the Bristol Credit Union on 0117 924 7309.

If you're a local business, you can help George to spend his Bristol Pounds by opening an account with us if you haven't already!