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August 15, 2019
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Introducing Bishopston’s First Community Champion

Nick Plant

Nick Plant

Nick Plant

Nick Plant

I’m delighted to have been appointed recently as a Community Champion for Bristol Pound. I am here to help increase awareness of the power and relevance of the Bristol Pound currency, especially within Bishopston’s indie sector.

In this new role, I’m championing Gloucester Road’s independents (and its independence!), with the ultimate aim of increasing the resilience, sustainability and inclusivity of the Great British High Street represented by Gloucester Road, as part of Bishopston’s vibrant economy.

I’m part of a team of volunteers dedicated to becoming the eyes and ears of Bristol Pound. I’m acting as a local point of contact, getting feedback from traders already using the scheme, encouraging others to take part, and spreading ideas and awareness of how participation enhances both community and economy.

Backed up by the £B professional office team, the Community Champions are also helping to roll out the new branding, and get conversations going about our business services, including the new premium services. We’re using networking as a way to sustain and build stronger local co-operation, and in turn show how Bristol Pound is more than just a local currency.

Some Bishopstonians know me already due to my long-standing local community activism. I love Gloucester Road, and I’m enjoying meeting up with traders to get their views on how £B is doing, how we can develop it, and how we can continue building community by enhancing the scheme.

As a committed individual £B user for years, I also want to persuade others to sign up as consumer members and keep money within the local economy.

I’d love to hear from you with feedback, ideas or queries. I’m also keen to hear from traders interested in promoting their innovations or those with good news stories that we might publish here on the blog, via social media, etc.

Please contact me via – I look forward to hearing from you!

Meanwhile, more information about the £B Champions can be found here and other volunteering opportunities can be found here.

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