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July 17, 2018
Mary Collett
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August 17, 2018

Out of Oarfice: Elaine Greig and the Bristol Pilot Gig Club

Elaine Greig and the Bristol Gig Club.

Elaine Greig and the Bristol Gig Club.

Bristol is world famous for its watery history, from its original name Brigstowe or “the place of the bridge” to its annual celebration of all things boaty at Bristol Harbour Festival. One of the reasons Elaine Greig entered the Bristol Pound design competition earlier this year was to remind people that “maritime heritage originates with boats!”, and her winning design “is a collation of the boats you see most commonly moving on the Bristol floating harbour”.

Read our recent interview with Elaine to learn more about her design and her process.

We paid Elaine and her rowing team a visit on a golden evening down at Bristol Marina and were seriously impressed with their strength and teamwork skills. It’s so easy to go about our modern daily lives taking the River Avon for granted, so it was a life affirming treat to spend some time by the water.

Bristol Pilot Gig Club is named for the Cornish Pilot Gigs, or 6 oared wooden rowing boats, traditionally used along the coast of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to navigate larger boats safely to land.

Established in 2007, Bristol Pilot Gig Club have built up competitive crews at all levels, racing along the West Country coast, London, Ireland and Holland. They’re always open to new members from beginners to veterans, and are currently running the wonderfully named “Out Of Oarfice” team building sessions, which are affordable, fun and count as Corporate Social Responsibility to boot. Learn more on the BPGC website.

Thank you for having us, Elaine and Bristol Pilot Gig Club!

Elaine Greig and the Bristol Gig Club.

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